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Government needs to be accountable for its abuse of NZ families.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 6, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Government needs to be accountable for its abuse of NZ families.
Thursday, 05.04.2007, 07:52am (GMT12)

If the government wants to make all
New Zealand parents accountable for even the smallest of abuse by smacking, then the government must be held accountable for the state sanctioned, hideous and enormously damaging child abuse it is perpetrating, in the form of removal of children, against their will, from their parents.
 This all too prevalent practice that is going on in NZ clearly contravenes any rights for the child under the UN convention on the ‘Rights of the Child’ and needs to be rectified. A bill needs to be passed in parliament, under urgency, to stop this crippling practice, NOW!

Richter scale of Child Abuse:  Smacking of children as a corrective measure.   RATED: 0.01. Removal of a child against it’s will from its parents.   RATED: Off the Richter scale.


2 Responses to “Government needs to be accountable for its abuse of NZ families.”

  1. Jay said

    What of; Separation Disorder’ Uplift Traumas. That; can effect children for the rest of their lives.
    How many kids think they were taken, as they had done something bad!
    How many kids think they were taken because their parents did not want them!
    How many kids are told they were taken because either
    >Parents were bad or:
    > Parents not able to look after them!

    How many parent have heard this from visits to their uplifted kids (When & if they get visits)!
    Sadly: this is so shockingly familiar.

  2. Sherrill said

    What about the cold blooded murder of unborn children by being cut up and or torn apart by abortion? This is the worst form of government sanctioned child abuse.

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