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Sookie La La Steve Maharey has a “tanty” in Parliament.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 4, 2007

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Sookie La La Steve Maharey has a “tanty” in Parliament.
Wednesday, 04.04.2007, 07:54pm (GMT12)

It’s OK Steve, we’re F*****G fed up with you and your Government as well:

Broadcasting minister tells National MP to ‘bleep’ off

Email this storyPrint this story 5:40PM Wednesday April 04, 2007
By Maggie Tait

Steve Maharey

Steve Maharey

Broadcasting Minister Steve Maharey used a swearword in Parliament today that radio and television will bleep out when they air it.

Under fire for allegedly making an inappropriate threat to Radio New Zealand Mr Maharey lost his cool and swore at National Party broadcasting spokesman Jonathan Coleman.

National MPs Gerry Brownlee and Mr Coleman had been criticising Mr Maharey for threatening to complain to the board of Radio New Zealand after a comment Morning Report host Sean Plunket made on air on March 23 which RNZ refused to withdraw.

Mr Maharey had been interviewed in his role as Education Minister defending National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) when he criticised Cambridge exams saying they were designed for countries like Botswana after which Plunket made the gibe.

National said Mr Maharey had the option of complaining to the Broadcasting Standards Authority but said it was inappropriate to go to the Government appointed board especially as he was also Broadcasting Minister.

Following a question from Mr Coleman Mr Maharey responded: “I think it is entirely reasonable for the Minister of Education to take exception to be being called a racist and I would do again now.” Then as he took his seat he clearly said “F… you”.

He then said “Sorry I’m fed up with you Jonathan”.

Mr Maharey later formerly withdrew the comment and apologised when National complained.

He said he had every right to complain to RNZ but in the end did not bother.

Parliamentary question time is broadcast live and later National MP Katherine Rich said there had already been complaints about the use of the word.

State Owned Enterprise Minister Trevor Mallard was also criticised for accusing TVNZ of political bias.



One Response to “Sookie La La Steve Maharey has a “tanty” in Parliament.”

  1. Jay said

    Grand master of; the Order of


    I was once asked: “what is the difference between ignorance & arrogance?”
    It was really quite simple.

    The gap in the middle is filled by
    Steve Maharey.
    But this position is hotly contested by Bent bum -Pope

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