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Sanctuary for Maori to commit any crime they want to has been found.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 4, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Sanctuary for Maori to commit any crime they want to has been found.
Wednesday, 04.04.2007, 12:51pm (GMT12)

Apparently, according to the Court of Appeal on this judgement, if the crime is committed in the “ceremonial area in front of a marae’s wharenui” – the law can’t touch you:

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Maori activist Tame Iti has had his convictions for unlawfully possessing a firearm overturned by the Court of Appeal. 

He discharged a shotgun during a welcome for the Waitangi Tribunal to hear historical grievance claims at a Ruatoki marae at Ruatoki in 2005.

One shot shredded a New Zealand flag.
The Tuhoe activist was found guilty under the Arms Act on two counts of possessing a firearm in a public place except for some lawful purpose.
He appealed the convictions on the grounds that crown law did not stretch to the ceremonial area in front of a marae’s wharenui.

2 Responses to “Sanctuary for Maori to commit any crime they want to has been found.”

  1. Sherrill said

    That’s bit rich and racist. If I, a native born NZer of European descent were to fire my rifle in the confines of my own back yard, I’d be arrested and charged for dangerous misuse of a fire arm. There should be one law for everyone in this country, irrespective of their ethnic background.

  2. Jay said

    Good comment, but some laws here outdate the crown’s laws.
    Marae’s have by right, have certain sacred/tapu that may vary from marae to marae, most are same similar.
    Outsiders, govt personal and similar, must seek permission to.come onto a marae.
    It is a matter of Mana/Authority.
    Very strict rules apply.
    It is also a matter of respect.
    Basicly to let off guns etc would need permission from tribial leaders to do so. If such acts are sanctioned before an event,it is up to the tribial leaders to oversee it and safety aspects of such.
    If no permission had be granted until after such an incident, is abuse of power, immoral and great loss of mana
    to the marae. A disgace.
    This erodes Maori/marae authority,
    especially when many maori are looking at; or seeking ‘self determination.’

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