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Good enough for the Police, then good enough for CYFS?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 4, 2007

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Good enough for the Police, then good enough for CYFS?
Wednesday, 04.04.2007, 07:49pm (GMT12)

Isn’t what has been announced for the Police Complaints Authority what we have been demanding? Independence and accountability? Using the same arguments, how can Peter Hughes now say that if CYFS investigates a complaint, they investigate with fairness?


The changes are being made to the PCA because they are not independent nor fair, because its the Police investigating the Police.


The changes now being touted would make it totally independent from the Police, but NZ First want to go even further, they want it to be like the Ombudsman’s Office.


Isn’t that what we want for CYFS? The Police have proven that any department that investigates itself will never do so impartially, will always find in favour of their colleagues.


Peter Hughes now has to convince the people of New Zealand, in light of what the Police found out, that his department does act fairly when investigating complaints, but given recent events with the Police, he surely cannot.


Time for change. Time for accountability at CYFS, just as there is now to be accountability in the PCA.


One Response to “Good enough for the Police, then good enough for CYFS?”

  1. Jay said

    I know of no complaint by cyfs ever treated fairly, does anyone else???

    We were cleared in an investigation by cyfs & police as being safe parents.

    We are still trying to get our child back

    Hughes says cyfs investgations fair!
    I am afraid he is right!

    Cyfs; Fairly screw up kids/familys/ parents lives ,

    even turn on their own.

    Total ignoble fairness….

    I hope the winter chills whip up to his office and ‘FAIRLY ‘freezes his nutts off.. Flaming Drongo!

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