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Lesson 101 on how to preserve Govt funding and Supervised Access cash cow business.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 3, 2007

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Lesson 101 on how to preserve Govt funding and Supervised Access cash cow business.
Tuesday, 03.04.2007, 03:06pm (GMT12)

Chester Borrows gets it wrong.

Chester Borrows gets it wrong

“The conviction of the Hastings mother for hitting her child with a wooden spoon does not show that the present law works, as Chester Borrows suggests,” said Murray Edridge, Chief Executive of Barnardos New Zealand. “If Mr Borrows believes the law works, then why is he proposing an amendment to Section 59?”

“For me the court decision shows that the present debate about what constitutes reasonable or lawful hitting of children is having a healthy impact on unacceptable parenting practices. A couple of years ago a riding crop was deemed to be reasonable; today a wooden spoon is ruled assault with the mother facing the real prospect of a prison sentence.”

“While I don’t want to comment on the severity of the court judgement, I am delighted that the judge has so incisively drawn the line.”

“Far from showing that the law works, the decision highlights the fact that the law needs changing to reflect changing parenting standards and remove contradictory court decisions such as those we are currently getting,” concluded Murray Edridge.



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