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CYFSWATCH wants the home address and telephone number of scumbag Herald on Sunday reporter Steve Cook.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 3, 2007

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CYFSWATCH wants the home address and telephone number of scumbag Herald on Sunday reporter Steve Cook.
Sunday, 01.04.2007, 02:53pm (GMT12)

Accuser speaks out

By SUNDAY NEWS, RACHEL GRUNWELL and IRENE CHAPPLE – Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 1 April 2007

ROSS BROWN/Sunday Star-Times

UNDER SIEGE: Debbie Gerbich and her partner Bill McNeilly in Tauranga yesterday. Gerbich says she can’t leave her own house after a newspaper named her yesterday as the woman who released a video of her group sex session with former police officer Brad Shipton.

The Tauranga woman who released her home video of a group sex session involving disgraced former cop Brad Shipton says she’s being treated like a criminal since a newspaper outed her yesterday.

Debbie Gerbich, 37, has been interviewed by detectives from Operation Austin – the team who investigated sex allegations against Shipton, Bob Schollum and Clint Rickards – and says she will talk to them more in coming days.

The Sunday News published extracts from her video last week, but agreed not to identify her. However, yesterday’s New Zealand Herald named her and published a picture of her with her former husband.

“I can’t believe I’ve been named,” she told the Sunday News. “There’s just been this huge domino effect and I feel like I’m being treated like a criminal. We’ve had photographers hiding in the bushes, people banging on the door and journalists phoning up our families. I just can’t leave the house at the moment.”

She has sent copies of three “intimidating” emails from Herald on Sunday assistant editor Steve Cook to police.

In a message on Thursday, Cook wrote: “We can play this one of two ways; either with your co-operation or without. We have made enquiries today into your background and have turned up several interesting leads. And I suggest it’s in your interests to discuss those with me.”

His email ended: “If you think you can continue to hide in the shadows, you’re sadly mistaken.”

Canterbury University journalism tutor Jim Tully said the emails amounted to “threats and intimi-dation”.

The newspaper said Cook did not intend to threaten or intimidate Gerbich, but to alert her to allegations against her.

Gerbich has split from former detective Warren Gerbich since the sex tape was made in 2002 and she now lives with ambulance driver Bill McNeilly.

McNeilly, who has also been questioned by police, has been stood down by St John Ambulance.

Gerbich, a former champion body builder who married Warren Gerbich in 2002 in a ceremony the couple won in a radio competition, told the Sunday News some participants in the orgies were serving police who used batons and handcuffs on her.

“I like bondage – it’s perfectly normal among consenting adults. I like dressing up, but what is wrong with that?”

Though she felt at the time the group sex sessions were consensual, she now says, “looking back, I can see I was manipulated”.

The last week had been a strain.

“I’m vulnerable, I’m scared and I’m not bulletproof,” she said yesterday.

Warren Gerbich told the Star-Times he was devastated that he had been dragged into the saga and said he was involved in “no criminality”.

The Star-Times put the name of a serving officer allegedly involved in sex sessions with Warren and Debbie Gerbich to police, but national headquarters refused to comment.

The officer told the paper he had “no idea of any videos”, before hanging up.

Operation Austin detectives moved quickly to interview the key players in the video after last week’s revelations in Sunday News.

The paper’s revelations come days before the release -expected as early as Tuesday -of the Commission of Inquiry into police conduct. The report is more than 400 pages long and expected to reveal troubling insights into the organisation, which has been embroiled in lurid sex scandals since Louise Nicholas went public with her historic rape complaint more than three years ago.

The report, led by former civil servant Dame Margaret Bazley, was released to government and police organisations last week. Its public release date will be discussed at cabinet tomorrow.

The Star-Times has been told the report is unlikely to trigger repercussions for individuals because it does not name names, instead considering procedural issues.

The inquiry was triggered by the claims of Nicholas and another woman that they were raped in the mid-1980s by police officers, and that the resulting investigations were inadequate.

Nicholas alleged she had been raped by Rickards, then the Auckland-based assistant commissioner of police, and former officers Schollum and Shipton.

Though the trio were cleared of those and other sex charges, Shipton and Schollum are already serving jail terms for the pack rape of a Mt Maunganui woman in 1989.

The report is believed to find a handful of historic complaints were mishandled by the police, but the majority were thoroughly investigated.

It is expected to make a raft of recommendations on such issues as the treatment of women by police.

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One Response to “CYFSWATCH wants the home address and telephone number of scumbag Herald on Sunday reporter Steve Cook.”

  1. Jay said

    This lass and others that speak out
    on issues that effect us all, are very brave, their wishes should be respected by others.
    Cops have used threats & intimidation in the past, abused their power.
    When one looks at the common theme and overall picture of what these women said happened to them.
    And make no mistakes about this, they>
    were not willing partners by any stretch of the imagination.
    The snr cop who was also investigated, but got off in his court case. What did he do>
    Outside the courthouse, his actions to thousands of viewers watching tv, speak louder than words.
    What happened to: GUILT BY ASSOCIATION? He knew very well what happened!
    In the forces, he would be stripped
    in front of his peers of rank and
    booted out with no pay or pension!
    Then as a ordinary person, charged with something to show justice was done and example to any other cops who stray or try to use their
    powers in negative actions.

    As to the smartarse reporter>
    He should be blacklisted.
    He went against the very clear wishes of this lady and her family.
    (She is not a lowlife).
    And he crapped on the ethics of other reporters> He turned on his
    own, he is a rabid flounder!
    Perhaps said crapped on reporters should: sift the dirt on that lowlife. Put some heat under his

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