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The greatest threat to the NZ family comes from within its own borders.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 2, 2007

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The greatest threat to the NZ family comes from within its own borders.
Monday, 02.04.2007, 10:08am (GMT12)

Anonymous writes:

The principal effect of Sue Bradford’s bill becoming law will be to extend the power of state over families, and to allow the institutions of the state to cast a longer shadow over society as a whole. The state maintains that its sole motivation is to protect children from harm. That claim needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Whenever the state is involved in an attempt to extend its power, it does so in the guise of offering protection to the unfortunate, the powerless, or the oppressed. Feminism was promoted as an exercise in the emancipation of women, but its actual impact in society has been to turn mothers and homemakers into wage slaves and taxpayers.

The invasion of Iraq was ostensibly justified as a way of rescuing the Iraqi people from the depredations of Saddam Hussein, but its actual consequence has been to expropriate Iraqi oil while leaving the Iraqi people in a state of unprecedented misery.The “anti-smacking bill” is no exception to this rule. Quite simply, the New Zealand state does not greatly care about the safety or well-being of our children. The economic, social, and legal changes it has imposed over the past thirty years have benefited the state and its cronies, but they have been enormously damaging to the physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of our children.

The states very deliberate decision to destroy the economic basis of the single income working class family has put great financial stress on families, and has denied most of the nation’s children their natural right to have a parent at home. To add insult to injury the state has licensed abortion, prostitution, gambling, financial usury, and the ready availability of alcohol on every street corner, all of which have had profoundly destructive effects upon many New Zealand families.So has the state now undergone a change of heart which it inclines it to protect, rather than to  undermine and destroy, the basis of family life? Unfortunately that is not the case. On the face of it, the state (represented by Ms Bradford) is merely proposing that parents should discipline their children in the same manner that the state disciplines its citizens, that is by” time out”, otherwise known as a term of imprisonment, rather than by the use of physical force.

But (leaving aside the question whether the system of imprisonment really is a rational, humane,  or effective way of maintaining order, and whether it can be expected to work any better in the context of the family than it does in the larger society) it becomes clear that the state actually wishes to reserve to itself powers of “reasonable force”, which at the same time it proposes to deny parents for use in the discipline of their children.

Bradford’s bill denies parents the defence of “reasonable force”, but the state itself will continue to exercise “reasonable force” as a means of social control. The irony of this legislation is that if citizens who are not allowed the use of reasonable force fail to bring up their children in a  disciplined way, the state itself will step in and use “reasonable force” – which covers everything from pepper spray to the use of lethal force – to impose its own kind of discipline. Your child could die a violent death at the hands of the very state which sanctimoniously, and with astounding hypocrisy, would not allow you to administer a corrective smack.

This state will ensure that you and your partner must work 50, 60 or more hours a week to house,  feed, and clothe your family. Meanwhile the state television system will continue to undermine the role of parents as moral exemplars by broadcasting into the home programs which depict violence and moral depravity as part of the normal social climate. And like a Mafia godmother the state will continue to rake in revenues from cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, abortion,  prostitution, usury and every other device that is used to reduce ordinary families to a state of misery.

In this context, the idea that the anti-smacking bill is for the “protection of children” is  laughable. And Ms Bradford’s protestations that the bill will not be enforced against “good parents” is disingenuous to say the least. Sue Bradford knows very well that if the law is not strictly enforced it will become a fertile field for the settling of personal feuds, for blackmail, and for selective use and abuse by the forces of “law and order”. It will take New Zealand another small step down the road to being a police state, in which the law is administered with partiality and bias.

Those who know something of Sue Bradford’s past history as a supposed champion of the “poor and oppressed” may find all this somewhat surprising. So why is she doing it? Ms Bradford  herself gave me the answer before she first entered parliament in 2002. She wanted to be in parliament, she told me, “Because I am tired of being poor and I am tired of being powerless”.

Well, she is no longer poor. But her wealth has come at a price. As a nouveau member of the political establishment, she is no longer allowed, or no longer allows herself, to speak of the true causes of the evils which afflict New Zealand society. She chooses to adopt a “holier than thou” approach to the problems of the family while implicitly supporting, and personally benefiting from, a regime which is the root cause of those problems.


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