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Steve Maharey gets a visit from Wayne and family.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 2, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Steve Maharey gets a visit from Wayne and family.
Monday, 02.04.2007, 09:47am (GMT12)

Wayne Fergusson


Address: 33 Dundas rd Sanson

Tel: 06)3293500

Today I walked from the Palmerston North Square with a few friends My Mum and Dad and my two sons, we walked to Steve Mahareys office and taped a letter on his door. I took photo’s and wondered if you might display them to help encourage others to put pressure on their politicians that support Bradfords Bill.

Thanks Team I’ve been fighting the Family Court and C.Y.F.s for some time and it has been excruciating.

3 Responses to “Steve Maharey gets a visit from Wayne and family.”

  1. jay said

    That city is also the HQ for PANIC
    minister JOB ;went from an arrogant A…..E to a PISSHEAD PRAT.

  2. Jay said

    Sure was a hicup here! Part is missing.PANIC: Parents Against Neg Intervention Cyfs
    And a bit about the last time I talked to Maharey, face to face, he went even whiter an not long after, dropped Min. cyfs job>

  3. Viv Roberts said

    Good stuff Wayne – go for it.

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