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CYFSWATCH Critic named?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on April 1, 2007

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 CYFSWATCH Critic named?

Is “Claudeballs” actually Mr Paul Irvine, of Sacred Heart School, Petone? The same guy had the same moniker (claudeballs) on statevirtualcricket. So he could be either a student, or a teacher, or maybe even the janitor? Let us know Claude!


One Response to “CYFSWATCH Critic named?”

  1. jay said

    I just found out Father Christmas is not real.
    Now I find the Author of:
    ‘Cat’s Revenge’ is a real person!
    I wonder if Claudeballs is related to
    limp Dick Benson-pope. It is possible,both do come from the same/central area.
    Aunty Helen with her big (made in China), Goolies, must be proud .
    There was a story going around, that she tried to get a
    special number plate. why? is a mystery. The only time the goons who drive her slow down, is to appear in court so they can get off speeding fines.
    The number plate people did not have; ‘ Nuts forever’ or even nutz or even nutty. Appearently; all without a word of a lie, I heard
    Bradford got them all as she thought: ‘nuts’ was a nice type of Green image and great things come from nuts. “Yeah, Bigger nutters!”
    The plate guys suggested she try:
    PSYCHO. As it also had H & C in it for; Helen Clark! Appearently, she did go psycho at this. The plate guys were impressed and said:
    “It is not very often that people on TV are the same in real life.”
    She threatened to excomunicate them.
    Well, some smart sod answered her back with, “Can not, ya an’t the
    Pope! Yeah!”
    “Where’s my bloody secretary?’
    “Where did you skivve off to! and put my name down for the next Pope election!” “I will show them whose got the’ biggest pair’ around here!”

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