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MSD / CYFS Minister David Benson Pope threatens to sack any staff who don’t support Sue Bradfords Bill.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 30, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

MSD / CYFS Minister David Benson Pope threatens to sack any staff who don’t support Sue Bradfords Bill.
Thursday, 29.03.2007, 10:06pm (GMT12)

All over effectively:

Parliament voted down the Borrows amendment 63-58 last night. This is a real shame as I think it was a imminently sensible compromise which achieved everything Sue Bradford claimed she wanted her bill to achieve, without having the uncertainty over smacking.

Those in favour were:

Labour 49
Greens 6
Maori 4
Progressive 1
Peter Dunne, Brian Donnelly, Doug Woolerton 3


National 48
NZ First 5 (of 7)
United Future 2 (of 3)
Field 1

The bill will pass its third reading comfortably, by at least the same margin but probably more. They did not complete Committee stage though so it seems likely the Government will officially adopt the bill on Monday and pass it next week. They have also added in a clause to have David Benson Pope’s Ministry review the law in two years. This means nothing – his Ministry has been reported as threatening to sack any staff member who didn’t support the bill, so the chance of their review being anything other than a glowing endorsement is zero.


2 Responses to “MSD / CYFS Minister David Benson Pope threatens to sack any staff who don’t support Sue Bradfords Bill.”

  1. Jay said

    Scumbags said the same about MMP.
    Sure there was a review, overwelming
    majority of NZers , in no uncertain terms, said to get rid of MMP>
    We have still got it to our cost and our childrens cost.
    As little kids used to say:”liar ,
    liars, pants on fire!”
    Benson-pope; Sort out Cyfs or resign!
    Do either, and most might agree you are half-way honest.
    If you want to be a putz, hey it’s a choice you make, don’t try to cover up. Get over it, your cyfs
    dept is out of control, fix it.
    Attacking parents Familys & others
    who ask you to fix the problems,
    is state- sanctioned criminal abuse! most are voters. It is their God (gods or higher Beings) rights you are screwing with.
    Listen to them, they know what the problems are.
    Denial is no defense against ignoring problem s in a dept you have the power to fix.
    To ignore is; CRIMINAL LIABILITY !

  2. hmnm said

    Oh really?

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