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Cullen repeats Clark’s contempt for parents.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 30, 2007

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Cullen repeats Clark’s contempt for parents.
Thursday, 29.03.2007, 10:17pm (GMT12)

Cullen repeats Clark’s contempt for parents

Bill English MP
National Party Deputy Leader

29 March 2007

Cullen repeats Clark’s contempt for parents

“Opponents of the anti-smacking bill have been described as bashers and thrashers of children, religious fanatics and extremists in Parliament today,” says National Party Deputy Leader Bill English.

Responding to questions from Mr English, Michael Cullen repeated Labour’s view that opposition to the bill is lead by extremists and fundamentalists.

“Labour is showing contempt for the large silent majority of New Zealanders who have children and resent Labour’s arrogance.

“In the week when Helen Clark has publicly and personally supported the anti-smacking bill, independent polling shows that more than 80% of New Zealanders oppose the legislation.

“Labour’s plans to push the bill through against overwhelming public opposition shows they are in damage control mode.

“Helen Clark has claimed the bill won’t ban smacking, but it will. Worse than that is Labour’s contempt for parents as shown by these derogatory comments repeated in Parliament.”

Mr English says Helen Clark has turned her back on the values she once claimed were fundamental to her Government.

“When she said in Opposition that politicians needed to listen to the voices of their communities, New Zealanders may have believed her. They will think twice next time before taking statements from her at face value.”


“We want communities to have a real say in the policies which affect them.” – Helen Clark.


5 Responses to “Cullen repeats Clark’s contempt for parents.”

  1. erica said

    I’m for a smacking bill. It will take generations to change the psyche of parents not to harm their children. It will take a law change to instigate a change of thinking. Then, like smoking bans and drink driving bans, the average adult, will in time accept personal responsibility for this issue. 155 yrs of english speaking settlers in this country, thats about 7 generations and we still whip our kids. Only a law change will enable a change, yes at the expense of those adults who smack their kids currently but at the inclusion of all the future generation kids who will grow up without the anger associated with the confusion of being whelped by those who supposedly love you.

  2. Jay said

    Pride comeith before the fall!
    These jerks are so up themselves they can not see’ the writing on the wall.’
    The only level headed persons seem to be the anti Bradford Bill, people opposed to this proposed violation of citizens rights and freedoms.
    Gradual taking away of this latter, is what is upsetting about 80% of
    NZers. Beehive seat-warmers, have forgotten, their voters think, they have spoken; in masse, been ignored.
    This is another case of MAJORITY
    OF NZERS SAY NO! A very small
    group, trying to force an issue
    no one wants.
    Perhaps the big group cannot all be wrong. Numbers speak for themselves
    Bradford told NZers that this Bill will go through, Most NZers told her to ‘Shove it @#5@6&% .’
    Majority rules, take a hike!

  3. Jay said

    Above comment was put in @ 11-40,
    but come up as an hour later.
    Daylight saving?

  4. jay said

    Top Comment/ erica.

    Europeans: more like 200 yrs (settled
    here). What of Maori and pre Maori?
    In the old days; there was respect,
    and kids knew to behave themselves or parents & teachers gang up on them.
    A twack with a bamboo stick or knowing it was handy and fear of getting another for ‘playing up’ kept most kids in line.
    Kids today have the power to blackmail teachers, parents, adults
    to give them what amounts to more power is crass stupidity.
    It was respect, education,’ not to do it again,’ and fear of repercussions that kept us in line.
    A balance between; parents being hard and teaching life lessons and fair punishment
    Drink driving, kids getting assulted, people getting killed is
    a fact of life. No laws are going to stop that.
    fewer and fewer kids are being disciplined, it shows in many crime
    incidents by young kids , who do not give a stuff.
    Then you have parents telling us, my kids are good, never had to smack them.
    Talk about out of touch. Parents never around, kids roaming the streets and getting into all sorts of petty crime or worse.Some parents, when it comes to their kids, are blind as to what little shits some of them are.
    Tell them and you are called an arsehole. No discipline, no respect
    These wantabe jailbirds stuff life up for others and mostly get away with it.
    Get a set of wheels, clock up the fines and laugh about it after the judge remits a whole heap of them
    for a few hours community service’
    that is if they bother to turn up.
    Beating the crap out of kids is wrong, sparing the rod, when needed, can and does send the wrong message. Some kids are fairly good, others, proper little crims, on the way to being bigger ones.
    Kids learn their choices learn results as to their actions,teens/young adults
    are well aware of their choices.
    unlike kids who are learning; this latter must/should take responsibility for their own actions. Far too many are working the System!

  5. Sahron said

    Interesting comment from Jay. I must say, are we all supposed to keep our children inline by physical means, or can we not find other ways. Do you have children yourself, have they gone astray or something? Becasue it seems that you talk like respect is something only a smack can maybe give, frankly its something that should be earned, its a two way street, you want your kids to respect you, then maybe you should show respect to your kids. Its like if you want a teenager to act mature, then don’t treat it like a kid, they will only resent you and probably call you a prision warden. Teenagers think differently then children and adults, but they can be control and it doesn’t have to be through a thrashing or by sparing the rod. Come on, you act like todays problem teen and yesterdays teen problems are about not enough smacking – no it is through lack of love, time and respect shown to these children. Jay, its seems like you must have a squeaky clean childhood, teenage years and possibly adult years. I say this because you seem to be extremely harsh on your comments on the YOuth today, only a person pure could make these comments or someone with a GOD complex. I don’t know you and I don’t think I’d want to from your above comment, but I think you should at least consider that it has nothing to do with showing who’s boss, but rather negotating terms and conditions of your relationship with your children and what you expect from them and maybe learn what their expectations are of you as a parent or guardian. Actually it sounds like your never raised a teenager, only read and seen extreme cases of out of control teenagers on the media. God help a teenager that does live under your thumb – cause that’s where they will be.

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