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Journalists and apostates confirm their left-leaning tendencies once more.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 28, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Journalists and apostates confirm their left-leaning tendencies once more.
Wednesday, 28.03.2007, 08:19pm (GMT12)

Bradford welcomes show of support for s59 repeal.

28 March 2007

Bradford welcomes show of support for s59 repeal

Green Party MP Sue Bradford today welcomed the support being expressed for her s59 repeal Bill by a group of prominent New Zealand citizens, all of whom have put their names to a banner presented to a group of MPs at Parliament at 3:30pm this afternoon.

Judy Bailey, Paul Holmes, Brian Edwards, Jude Dobson, Linda Clark, Keith Quinn and Bishop Richard Randerson were among the people who put their inked handprints and signatures to the support banner “Hands Up for Change!”.

As the accompanying statement says : “By adding our names and handprints to this banner, we are calling for change. We are calling for change to the Crimes Act to remove the defence provided by section 59. We are calling for all New Zealanders to better protect and treasure children, through the law and in every encounter with children.”

“I really appreciate the courageous stand taken by these people in the public eye, who are well aware of just how contentious this issue has become. A lot of misinformation has been circulated and needless fears have been whipped up – and I find it very heartening to see that the people who have signed have all concluded that repeal of s59 is something in the best interests of New Zealand children.

“People in the public eye often get accused of being uncaring, or of living a lifestyle detached from the realities that face the rest of us. This example shows that there are prominent New Zealanders who are willing to weigh the issues, listen to their consciences, and take a stand.

“I think it is wonderful that these New Zealanders have chosen to stand up publicly for the right of all children in this country to grow up free from violence,” Ms Bradford says.


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