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Government to adopt anti-smacking bill.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 28, 2007

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Government to adopt anti-smacking bill.
Wednesday, 28.03.2007, 08:12pm (GMT12)

Government to adopt anti-smacking bill.

Mar 28, 2007

The government now holds all the cards on the anti-smacking bill.  Bill sponsor Sue Bradford says she has agreed to a request from Deputy Prime Minister Dr Michael Cullen to have the legislation become a government bill.

It means the bill could be debated under government auspices as early as Thursday.

Bradford says it is now up to the government to determine the process by which the bill will be put onto the order paper.  She says as far as she knows nothing formally has happened yet but it is her hope parliament gets to it as soon as possible.

Labour is now hard at work talking with minor parties.  Cullen is not saying any more than the fact the matter is under discussion, but it is understood talks are ongoing with the Maori Party and New Zealand First.

The government needs to ensure the strategy has not alienated support for the bill and keeps a hold on supporting votes.

National says Labour is committing political suicide over its stand.

Shadow leader of the House Gerry Brownlee says it is a very cynical and disappointing move.  He says Labour’s own polling shows the party’s position on the bill is deeply unpopular.

He says Prime Minister Helen Clark has decided she knows much more about parenting than the 80%-plus of New Zealanders who oppose the bill.

Brownlee says it is a massive and extraordinary show of disrespect for New Zealanders and will be seen as such by the majority of parents who do the right thing by their kids.


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