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CYFSWATCH must be on Sue Bradfords email address book?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 28, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

CYFSWATCH must be on Sue Bradfords email address book?
Tuesday, 27.03.2007, 09:17pm (GMT12)

From: Sue Bradford

Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2007 4:29 PM

Subject: FW: [Green] Action Alert: Let MPs know you support the Crimes Amendment (Substituted Section 59) Bill

Critical last push on the section 59 campaign.
A section 59 website is now active that will prepare draft emails for you to send directly to MPs. It is vital that MPs sense there is strong community support for the Bill as they
head towards their final votes on it.

MPs need to be inundated with supportive emails in the next 3 days and this system will do all the work for you!
1. Go to (website address) and enter your details.
2. You can choose to send your email to all or just some MPs.
3. A draft email will come up and you can confirm that you’re happy with the text, or make additions, then simply push send. The MPs willreceive your email.

Please make sure you spread the word about the site to supporters of repeal.
The Crimes Amendment (Substituted Section 59) Bill removes a legal defence that can be used by parents who hit their children to avoid successful prosecution.

The Bill provides children only with the same protection that law already gives to adults and animals and will not result in parents being criminalised for trivial offences.  It is an important measure in the efforts to reduce violence in our society and support the development of our children.

Your support at this crucial time is very much appreciated.
Do it for the children and for a more peaceful Aotearoa NZ.

You have received this email because your contact details are on the Green Party mailing list as interested in  Section 59, Childrens’ issues, Community and Voluntary Sector Issues, Early Childhood Education, Social and Economic Justice, Human Rights, Strong Communities, Womens’ Issues and  Youth issues.

To unsubscribe, please reply with “Remove” in the body of the email and specify whether you would like to be removed from a mailing list mentioned above, from all mailing lists or from our contacts database entirely.


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