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MPs could change minds on anti-smacking bill.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 27, 2007

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MPs could change minds on anti-smacking bill.
Tuesday, 27.03.2007, 09:16am (GMT12)

MPs could change minds on anti-smacking bill

27/03/2007 8:16:34

The heat may be off to pass anti-smacking legislation, but it is business as usual for the sponsor of the bill.


The Government has withdrawn its request to get the bill pushed through under urgency as two polls show the majority of the public opposed the legislation.

Green MP Sue Bradford says she is not surprised. She says many MPs are passionate about the debate surrounding the bill and want to have their say. She is not worried about how long the process takes and believes the democratic process will unfold as it should.


Political analyst Colin James says the development could see some supporters jump ship and believes it is now too close to call as to whether the bill will pass.

He says MPs who are wavering may now be encouraged to vote against it, whereas they might have voted for it a week ago. Mr James says many people see the bill as an example of social engineering or political correctness and that could pose a political problem, even if it passes.


In the latest poll, Research New Zealand found that 73 percent of the 497 respondents opposed the bill. Seventy two percent thought that if it was passed into law, it would be unenforceable.


The bill removes the defence of reasonable force against a child from the Crimes Act.


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