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Kiwiblogs David Farrar offers his assistance to the Police to shut down CYFSWATCH.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 27, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Kiwiblogs David Farrar offers his assistance to the Police to shut down CYFSWATCH.
Tuesday, 27.03.2007, 05:33pm (GMT12)


I was very vocal with my disapproval when the CYFS Watch blog published posts describing how someone wanted Sue Bradford assaulted.

By the same measure Jeremy Greenbrook-Held does himself a disservice when referring to NZ First Party President Dail Jones, he says “in fact, I can understand where Ambrose Tindall was coming from when he stabbed Jones with a screwdriver in 1980”.

Tindall, who was obsessed about a $15 traffic ticket, stabbed the then MP Jones in the chest, puncturing one of his lungs. It could easily have been fatal.

Jeremy’s empathising with the man who stabbed Jones is inappropriate to put it mildly. Especially considering the senior post he is about to step into.

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Adolf Fiinkensein:

Anyone with a name like Greenbrook-Held clearly suffers from familial hypernutterosis. Can someone not prescribe a generous dosage of deed poll and some common sense pills?


Jeremy Greenbrook held what, exactly? A screwdriver?


I think you’ve misunderstood black humour for empathy.

And by the sounds of things round here you’re smart enough to know the difference. But it makes for discussion I guess.

Should anyone in a job with media attention exercise black humour – or any humour?

Could be a new piece of worthy legislation for the Helen Bunch, eh?

David Farrar:

Oh I love black humour. Black humour is great.

I am not sure that effectively saying that Dail Jones is so much of a bigot I am glad he got stabbed and almost killed is black humour.

Incidentially my views of Jones is very very low.

Chuck Bird:

David,would you kindly tell us all who Jeremy Greenbrook-Held is?

Aucklander At Large:

DPF – you’re doing yourself a “disservice” by taking my comment seriously – also I never said I was glad he got stabbed.

Everyone keeps talking about a “senior role” I’m about to step into – could someone inform me what role this is?


JGBH would have to be the dumbest and most useless President VUWSA has ever had. It will be hilarious when he is Young Labour President as he will run it into the ground the same way he ran VUWSA into the ground, promoted his acolytes, and was generally useless for an entire year. The man cannot even spell or type a proper sentence (read his blog sometime).

David C:

I know Jeremy reasonably well and aside from his hair colour he’s a reasonable bloke.
I think you’re beating this up because Jeremy is contrary to your own politics David.
I find it wonderfully hypocritical that you all cry about “PC madness” then you jump on that PC bandwagon when something like this comes up.

God, political zealots are such hypocrites.

David Farrar:

Jeremy – I understand you are the sole candidate for the presidency of Young Labour.

I agreed with much of what CYFS Watch was trying to achieve. But when they stepped over the line I said so.

On this case I agree with Jeremy that Dail Jones is a pillock. I would agree with Jeremy on more issues than I would with Jones. I just don’t think an MP being stabbed by a constituent is something one should empathise with.

When CYFS Watch published the stuff on Bradford, I actually rang up her office and offered my assistance to the Police (which they have taken up). Now Bradford’s politics are contrary to my own.

I was deliberately mild with my comments on what Jeremy said. Inappropriate is about as light an epitah as one can use. It’s not a big issue, but I thought Jeremy’s comments deserved a whack.

Incidentially while I am sure Jeremy does not want my support, I actually think he will be a good and effective Young Labour President. He’s got some political smarts, he is not afraid to disagree with the Govt, and he’s pretty widely liked.

Aucklander At Large:

Jeremy – I understand you are the sole candidate for the presidency of Young Labour.

I was thinking about it, but have since announced that I won’t be standing because I don’t know if I’ll be in NZ to serve out the term.

Insolent Prick:

Are you saying, Jeremy, that there are now NO candidates for President of Young Labour? Oh, how the Slightly have fallen!

No wonder you wankers had nothing better to do on a Friday night than protest the Nats’ stunning 800+ people turnout to the Under 40s gathering.

Although I do agree with you on Dail Jones.


Jeremy Two-Father about to join the exodus from Helengrad….oh what a story…now Labour can’t even cobble up a ring in to stand for President of Young Labour….hahahaha

David Farrar:

Jeremy – oh I am behind with the news. Is it public info who is standing?

Tony Milne:

Such things are never public info David. You’re spies aren’t quite as well informed as you like to think 🙂

David Farrar:

Tony – yeah I need to start paying them more 🙂

In Young Nats I don’t think nominations are confidential. They normally close well before the AGM.

I look forward to seeing who emerges from the non papal smoke!

John Dalley:

DPF You say about CYPSwatch, so i am interested in hearing today (though only the tail end) that they have apparently posted the name and address of a woman MP except have posted the wrong address.

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