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Hey National, this is what a CONSERVATIVE Party actually looks like.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 27, 2007

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Hey National, this is what a CONSERVATIVE Party actually looks like.
Tuesday, 27.03.2007, 08:21am (GMT12)

Subject: [E4F_International] UK – Lax parents selfish, declares Cameron,,2043199,00.html


Debbie Andalo
Monday March 26, 2007

Parents who refuse to say no to their children were branded “irresponsible and selfish” today by Conservative party leader, David Cameron, as he launched an inquiry into childhood.They should introduce a culture of “authority” into the home, which may be an old-fashioned concept but is crucial if parents are to take their responsibilities seriously, he said.

Speaking today at a youth club in Trafford, Greater Manchester, Mr Cameron said: “Authority is the culture of persuasion that operates in a family or a community with settled rules and understandings.”

Setting boundaries for children was an essential part of growing up – it went beyond parents reminding children to take their litter home or turn off the lights when they leave the house.

He said: “We … need to say ‘no’. If a child is eating too much it’s the duty of a parent to stop it happening. Allowing harmful behaviour as the price of a quiet life is grossly selfish and irresponsible. Being a good parent isn’t just a benefit to your child but to the whole of society.”

Mr Cameron, who reiterated his party’s commitment to the ideal family model – a mother and a father – also spoke about the responsibility business has towards preventing children coming to harm.

Manufacturers and sellers of violent video games should reflect on whether they contribute to the damage caused to children. said Mr Cameron.

Designers of clothes that “sexualise” young children should also reflect on the harm they may be causing, he said.

He said: “I want every manufacturer, promoter and retailer to ask themselves, ‘Am I acting responsibly by designing, building, promoting and selling this stuff to our children?'”

The Conservative party leader repeated his party’s commitment to reviewing the rules around child maintenance to “compel” fathers to “stand by their responsibilities.”

A Conservative government would bring tax benefits to married couples and would develop childcare policies that take account of the “extended family”.

The welfare system would be “audited” to “ensure that it helps parents stay together rather than setting up perverse incentives which make a couple better off if they live apart.”

Mr Cameron also spelt out the changes he would make to school discipline if he were prime minister.

Schools would be given the freedom to impose “simple discipline” and safeguards would be introduced so that teachers would be able to “restrain” pupils without fear of being sued, he said.

Mr Cameron’s comments came as he established an inquiry to look at the quality of childhood in Britain.

The inquiry is being set up a month after a report by the children’s international aid agency Unicef found UK children had the poorest quality of life compared with their peers in the developed world.

Mr Cameron said the Unicef report branded UK children the “unhappiest” and “loneliest” children in the developed world.


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