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What the Green Party have previously said about the use of “Urgency” in Parliament.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 26, 2007

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What the Green Party have previously said about the use of “Urgency” in Parliament.
Monday, 26.03.2007, 01:20pm (GMT12)

Turning in his grave?

Guess who said all the following:

17 Sep 1998 – “however one of the worst of old traditions still hanging on is abuse of urgency procedure.”

21 Dec 2001 – “Urgency should only be used for matters which are genuinely urgent, The only exception is that from time to time we have considered – and will continue to consider – approaches for extra sitting hours, and then only for one stage of a bill at a time.”

12 Jun 2002 – “We all know that urgency leads to bad legislation. It often leads to amendment bills to fix up mistakes that have happened because the original bill has been rushed through. We also know that Standing Orders exist for a reason–that is, to ensure considered passage of the law.”

20 July 2005 – “”The Greens have long stated that urgency should only be used where legislation is truly urgent.”
All that principle being washed away by the shabby little deal between Labour and Greens to try and ram the anti smacking bill through both remaining stages under urgency.


One Response to “What the Green Party have previously said about the use of “Urgency” in Parliament.”

  1. Jay said

    Greenery, wilts under heat. Dose of 2-faced can worsen condition.
    Short- term Prognosis:
    Get rid of MMP infestation
    And Replant: 1st past posts.
    These older stock were more reliable.
    Watch for ; Reinfestation!

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