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Smacking Quotes

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 24, 2007

Source: Smacking Back

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Smacking Quotes

“Sue Bradford … was asked whether it would be possible to smack children after her bill becomes law – and she said no.”

Newtalk ZB, March 15, 2007

“This whole debate is about whether or not parents who smack should be prosecuted.”

Chester Burrows, March 13, 2007

“It should not, one would have thought, have been beyond the ability of our Parliamentarians to come up with a law which says a slap on the hand or bum with the open hand is OK, and anything else is not. But it looks like they can’t manage that.”

Transtasman, 15 March 2007

Bob McCroskie:
“So you do not want to see smacking banned?”Helen Clark: “Absolutely not, I think you are trying to defy human nature.”

Radio Rhema, 2005


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