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Press Release from the Sensible Sentencing Trust – Ban smacking today, build more prisons tomorrow.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 24, 2007

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Press Release from the Sensible Sentencing Trust – Ban smacking today, build more prisons tomorrow.
Saturday, 24.03.2007, 03:52pm (GMT12)

Ban Smacking – Build More Prisons

Ban Smacking – Build More Prisons

24th March 2007

The following has been sent to Ministers of Justice / Corrections and Police urging them to break ranks on the Anti-smacking bill:

Dear Minister

With the final vote on the anti-smacking bill nearing we urge you to consider the long-term consequences if this legislation is passed.

Over recent years New Zealand’s violent crime rate has increased alarmingly, the Labour Government has rightly expressed concern at the spiraling prison population with a number of legislation changes being planned to address this.

Last week the Prime Minister stated that urgent changes to the Parole Act would be made to ensure the public would be protected from violent offenders.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is extremely concerned that on one hand the Labour Party appears to be listening to the public and taking measures to stop violent offenders being released into the community and on the other stoking the fire by introducing legislation that will dramatically increase the level of youth violence and ultimately the prison population.

Banning smacking will not stop child abuse, it will simply remove a well tried and proven method of parental discipline, children need boundaries and need to be held accountable and responsible for their actions.

The social-engineering by various governments over recent decades has already destroyed family values as you and I knew them, as a nation we are now reaping that harvest and in your role as Minister you are dealing with consequences on a daily basis.

New Zealand is already locking up more young people than most western nations; the anti-smacking bill will condemn thousands more to the journey from cradle to jail.

At a time when our country needs courageous and bold leadership we urge you to listen to the community and your own conscience and vote against this Bill.

Ban-smacking today / Build Prisons tomorrow



One Response to “Press Release from the Sensible Sentencing Trust – Ban smacking today, build more prisons tomorrow.”

  1. Jay said

    Take a look at who is in the prisons other than high percentage Maori.
    One will find a lot of imports.
    The Poms have slammed the doors. about time NZ did and sort out the crap already here without importing more trouble.
    How many speak english! “Yeah right.”
    NZers are being taken for granted & an Easy touch.

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