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Kids were calling the police or CPS. (USA)

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 24, 2007

kiwibyrd writes:

Nevada had an anti-spanking law at one point. But in May, 1999, a
state law was passed that made it clear that it was legal for parents
to spank their kids. Basically the law had caused more problems than
it had cured and was basically un-enforcable. Kids were calling the
police or CPS, accusing their parents of spanking them as a way of
getting back when their parents punished them in other ways.

In some cases, the kids were telling the school counsellor that their
parents had hit them. The kid has to leave it’s room to go to school,
otherwise you get the school police knocking on the door. Failure to
ensure that your kid goes to school, can and has ended up with a
parent going to jail, in NV at least.

I can see something similar happening in NZ, if this bill is finally
passed. Kids will use this bill as a weapon against their parents/

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