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CYFS and the police are the real crims in this country!

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 24, 2007

Kim writes:

Cyfs and the police are the real crims in this country!

Both me and my partner have ordered disclosure from cyfs(the minisrty of social development) They are very prejudice. they make examinations that they dont need to do like the fact my partner had a harley, a racecar and tatoos! and claimed he was a skinhead when he wasnt.(just because he had a shaved head yet the cyfs worker we had to deal with had a skinhead) infact my partners sister has just finished studying to become a social worker she had always wanted to work for cyfs but quit some months ago because ALOT of dodgey work goes on, they are tied up with the police and cib. problem is they, just like the police, are trying to get rid of the people who wont take crap from them,and who are decent people. so they can control people how they like Eg the police give narks drugs and money to nark on innocent people, thats how they control and thats why cyfs dont deal with parents who are junkies, sex offenders etc the real criminals! as alot of people say the worst gang in the world is the police and its just got worst cos theyve got cyfs on their side. we tried doing the right thing by writting to the mosd but they just kept trying to justify the wrongs. my ex is one of the people who kept ringing them making up stuff because he was jelous that i had moved on and had custody with our child and was preganant with my ex is a maori warden who we know work inwith the police. he lived like a pig kneed me in the stomach when i was preg when we were dropping of his son. yeah cyfs got involved with us but not him? cospiracy theory.

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2 Responses to “CYFS and the police are the real crims in this country!”

  1. Jay said

    Do not give in Kim, many of us are getting systematicly screwed to justify
    some sad sods meaningless power trips.
    Cops protect their own, cyfs just do not care what damage they do.And who is going to stop them
    Only the solidarity of ourselves and education of ‘Joe Public’ as to cyfs Neg activites being totally unacceptable.

  2. biteme said

    Cyfs and the police…..?????? Anyone paranoid.

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