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Current Events: The Anti Smacking Bill

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 23, 2007

Source: This is New Zealand

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Current Events: The Anti Smacking Bill

Haven’t had much time to blog in the last week or so. I assure you more interesting commentary will be appearing here in coming weeks, as I’m reassessing where to direct my creative energies. Less will be going into railways and more into the political and Christian interests I have.

Here are some links to other blog postings about Sue Bradford’s Bill to repeal Section 59 of the Crime Act. This is another dubious social-engineering move by the Labour Government and fellow travellers. Last time they were in office in the 1980s they were instrumental in bringing us the United Nations Convention on the Rights Of the Child (UNCROC). The public protests in Christchurch against this policy move were noted for a prominent member of the local Christian community being arrested for assaulting Ann Hercus – then a Cabinet Minister and arch feminist member of the Sisterhood. (Since made a Dame under the old honours system and a Labour appointee to the board of TVNZ, who leaked information to Prime Minister Helen Clark from board meetings). The more immediate results of UNCROC in NZ were several pieces of legislation in 1989, including:

  • CYPF Act (Children, Young Persons and their Families). Led to the government department now known as Child Youth and Family after about three or four name changes. Also led to the much-maligned Youth Justice system that we now have, in which almost everything possible is done to keep young people out of “borstals” or whatever the current PC name for them is. (My own experience of this system was that I eventually received the $143 in reparations that I claimed for, but associates who were out of pocket for much larger sums were not so fortunate) The most sneaky part of this law was the clause that says young women can have abortions without their parents’ consent.
  • Education Act. This is the law that gave us the great school governance devolution called “Tomorrow’s Schools”. Unfortunately Labour also saw the opportunity again to social engineer by including the abolition of corporal punishment into this law. I doubt there was much public debate or attempts to accommodate the public’s views on this matter.

This last piece is vitally relevant to the Section 59 debate. Apart from the fact that Labour has resorted to using members’ bills to bring in social engineering measures of late, Sue Bradford is now on the warpath over the two Reformed schools in Wellington who are still, apparently, making use of corporal punishment (or at least refusing to confirm or deny their use of it). The real agenda behind Bradford’s actions is to weaken any sort of moral authority in NZ. At first I was going to write “any sort of authority”, because it’s the Greens who have campaigned to weaken the military and the police. But in fact, they want a stronger State. So really, the Greens are against moral authority. Strengthen the power of the immoral State, but weaken the moral power of the police force (by passing weaker laws in place of strong ones), turn the police into allies and agents of the immoral State, weaken the moral power of the military by removing parts of it that could work with the loathed free world armies of the US and just make it a peacekeeper force. Strengthen the power of the immoral state, by passing laws against any kind of state sponsored morality whatsoever.

In respect of the police, it’s worth noting that historically they have been a fairly conservative organisation. For example, they were a very male, almost chauvinistic culture. One has only to be following the trials of Rickards/Schollum/Shipton to see that. Rickards was on track to become the first Maori Commissioner, but he has fallen foul of the feminist wing of Labour. Granted, I think Rickards is a liability to the force for having abused his power as a member of the police, regardless of what one may think of his innocence or guilt. But his future rises or falls on having offended the feminist wing of Labour, rather than his credentials as a police officer. Rickards and his friends represent a stream of the police that is anathema to the feminists and that is why we are getting the Bazley Inquiry as well. Better just neutralise that conservatism as much as can be.

Now, Bradford’s Bill flies in the face of public opinion against it. Hence, it can be seen as social engineering ideology that has very limited support in public. Unfortunately a whole raft of social service agencies have come out in support of it. The whole debate is being emotionally manipulated into being pro or anti “hitting children”. The Bill has now been rewritten to remove all force used in correction. Hello? What sort of madness is that?

Just last night I rode on a bus home from work. I ride the buses now as much as possible on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings and cycle as little as possible on these nights. I do that because the roads at these times are full of dangerous idiots: drunk people out partying and boy racers. This evening the latter group were busy clogging up our inner city streets to the extent that I almost missed my connecting bus. It is not at all far fetched to say that the boy racer community is the outworking of Bradford’s misguided social engineering. Weaken all moral authority and what do you get? The boy racer community, and police’s lack of powers in dealing with them. About all Labour has been able to achieve of any merit is a toothless law to deal with the excessive noise that these people make in their modified cars. These people in power are just too soft on crime and it shows; they would rather find a bandwagon to blame Christians for society’s ills than admit that their misguided social engineering nonsense is causing most of it. Vote for Bradford’s Bill and vote for more boy racer rebels. Anyway, here are the links:

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