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Clark lied to, then laughed at, then dismissed by George W Bush.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 22, 2007

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Loser Clark gets the bums rush from the US:

Clark lied to, then laughed at, then dismissed by George W Bush.
Thursday, 22.03.2007, 12:52pm (GMT12)

Thursday, 22 Mar 2007

Bush full of praise for NZ

United States President George W Bush has praised New Zealand’s leadership in the South Pacific and offered American help to solve the region’s problems.

Prime Minister Helen Clark met Bush and US Vice-President Dick Cheney at the White House this morning for a half hour meeting in the President’s oval office followed by lunch in the state dining room.

In his office following the meeting, the president told reporters the US appreciated New Zealand’s help in dealing with issues in the South Pacific.

“I praised the prime minister on her leadership (Lie #1) in dealing with some difficult issues,” Bush said.

“I assured her that our government wants to help in any way we can.

“We understand some of the countries there have got some difficult issues that requires New Zealand’s leadership, with US help, to help solve the problems, with Australian leadership as well.”

Bush called Clark an honest, straight-forward woman (Lie # 2) who cared deeply about the country she represented (Lie # 3).

Bush said their meeting also covered US-NZ co-operation in Afghanistan and counter terrorism and nuclear proliferation issues in North Korea and Iran.

The president said energy was also on the agenda and he had told Clark about his plan to cut US petrol use by 20 per cent over the next decade.

Bush did not mention New Zealand’s desire for a free trade agreement (FTA) however, and laughed when Clark brought the issue up in her reply.

Wearing cowboy boots with a suit and pink tie, Bush joked with New Zealand’s reporters, including praising the suit of one television reporter.

“Where’s the American press? Follow suit with this guy will’ya,” he said.

But he refused to take any questions and the meeting was ended after Clark’s comments (the dismissal).

Standing outside the West Wing after her lunch with the president, Clark said trade had been discussed with Bush and she was happy with his position.

Clark said Bush’s first priority was getting the US Congress to extend the authority of the administration to extend trade deals.

There were also trade deals in the pipeline with other countries that had to be dealt with first.

“This isn’t a time when the US is actually adding anyone to the negotiating list,” Clark said.

“What we’ve done is strongly register our interest, at such point as it becomes possible, to open up the negotiating queue.”

Clark said she felt Bush was comfortable an FTA with New Zealand would not present too many problems.

“I came away thinking that there will be a time (when it happens). As I said yesterday, I don’t think it’s a question of if, I think it’s a question of when.”

Clark said the fact Bush had laughed when she mentioned a trade deal showed his frustration at not being able to push agreements through Congress (oh please, spare us the spin – he was laughing AT you, not with you).

“He’s pretty passionate about it but has been frustrated in terms of achieving it. He would like to see progress on trade as one of the legacies of his administration.”

Clark said Bush had “registered” New Zealand’s position on nuclear ships but had not raised it as an obstacle to good relations.

There had been no substantive discussion on Iraq but Clark said the pair had talked about the region’s stability.

“The president is obviously very close to this and this is a week in Washington where it is at the Congress. There is going to be a vote (on the bill on war funding).”

Following the meeting Clark announced New Zealand would give $680,000 (whoop de do)  to help the US Department of Energy train officials patrolling the Ukraine-Russia border to stop the smuggling of nuclear and radioactive materials.

She said New Zealand would also be willing to contribute an energy assistance package for North Korea.

Clark then received a full honour guard on the steps of the Pentagon where she met Defence Secretary Robert Gates before laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery – the official burial ground in Washington for soldiers killed in action.


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  1. jay said

    Two has-beans/beens in a pod.
    Who? forgotten their names already!

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