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Sue Bradfords destiny is now in Sue Bradfords hands….

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 21, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH New Zealand

Sue Bradfords destiny is now in Sue Bradfords hands….

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

It would appear that a recent post to CYFSWATCH regarding Sue Bradford and the anti-smacking bill has created a wee bit of media storm this evening, making Newstalk ZB, NZ Herald, Stuff, Scoop, Prime, TV1, TV3 and Campbell Live.Over 100 emails to CYFSWATCH have been received in a similarly short period as well, most of them supportive of the post that was made.CYFSWATCH has now received a large amount of information on Sue Bradford. CYFSWATCH has also been asked by lobby group Family First to not publish any personal details of Ms Bradford.

Sue Bradford herself says that she now fears for her safety: “I wasn’t worried before – I am now” she says, lips quivering, and eyes bulging.

As may be expected, CYFSWATCH is opposed to the anti-smacking bill, as we believe that, if passed, notifications to CYFS (already a dysfunctional and systemically toxic agency) will be made on the basis of a parent giving a light smack to a child, and those children being placed in care because they have “suffered abuse”.

This is a nonsense, so it is in our interests that this bill gets beaten (no pun intended).

After much thought and discussion amongst ourselves, it has occurred to us that Sue Bradford is responsible for her own safety, not CYFSWATCH; Sue Bradford is the author of her own future, not CYFSWATCH; Sue Bradford is FINALLY aware that her actions have consequences, and that she is not immune from public opinion and action.

It seems that Sues Bradfords main concern is that her personal contact details will be published on CYFSWATCH. CYFSWATCH now has the personal contact details of Sue Bradford. What happens to Sue Bradford (or her family) as a result of us publishing these details is none of our business, nor any of our responsibility.

It seems the crux of the issue is as to whether the Anti-Smacking Bill will pass into law, or as to whether Sue Bradford decides to withdraw the Bill if amendments being raised by the National Party have the numbers to pass.

If the Bill was not before Parliament, 80% of the population wouldn’t be really upset with Sue Bradford as they clearly are now (like the person who posted to the CYFSWATCH site).

So, CYFSWATCH believe that the solution to the problem is really quite simple: all Sue Bradford has to do is withdraw the Bill, and the issue as to whether CYFSWATCH publishes Sue Bradfords details becomes mute – there would be no point in publishing, as no issue with Sue Bradford would exist. If the Bill passes into law, then the relevance to CYFSWATCH publishing Sue Bradfords details returns.

So, Sue, if you are reading this: “kill the Bill”, and CYFSWATCH will “press the address”.

It would seem that Sue now has the freedom to choose her destiny, which is a hell of a lot more than 80% of parents in New Zealand have been able to do regards the anti-smacking Bill.


Update: CYFSWATCH have since decided to publish address details of Sue Bradford sent to us that have been sourced from the public domain, prior to the 3rd reading of the anti-smacking Bill.


2 Responses to “Sue Bradfords destiny is now in Sue Bradfords hands….”

  1. jay said

    Both her and her Bill belong in the Crapper.. Bye-bye Poo pie.

  2. jay said

    Sorry, I forgot to put the lid down on the crapper.

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