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NZ leadership is appalling.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 21, 2007

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NZ leadership is appalling.
Wednesday, 21.03.2007, 08:50pm (GMT12)

Watched with interest the goings on on your website, good on you keep it going and keep up the pressure on these people from CYFS and Government.

It’s amazing how quick MP’s listed or not, forget who got them in office in the first place.

They seem to get bitten by this party crap, the good money, good life and sense of power they (haven’t) got.

They can tell lies and get away with it, turn words around and make out it’s either the media that got it wrong or we did not understand what the meant, yeah right!!

It starts with the leaders and works it way down the ranks, all tarred with the same brush as soon as they are in office, no exception!!

As for
Bradford, this is the protester that some years ago used her children as a shield so police could not arrest her at protests, screaming yelling and cursing every time you turned on the TV news and saw reports on protests.

This is the person that knows the law better then professional lawyers and legal people, give me a break Sue where on earth did you get all your expertise from, browsing on Google all day while you are collecting a good salary provided for by the people of NZ?

The trouble is she probably will get away with it as too many NZ’ers are too slack in responding to a person like her,” I’m all right Jack it does not affect me”.

It will be too late once this law comes into place and then we will begin to complain about it, get of your backsides, protest, speak up stop this dangerous carry on now.

Next thing we will be told what we can or can’t eat (working on that now) how many kids you can have, you name they will use it and regulate it, is that what we want, don’t think so!!

I hope I’m wrong but if the past is anything to go by we will just sit and let it happen, and that is why people like her get away with this.

Remind your MP’s who they work for and who they represent, we do not work for them! They work for YOU, make them take notice of YOU.

Stop getting stomped on stand up and fight for what is your right, unless you want them to totally control over you, have no responsibility and say in your life, it’s up to you!

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One Response to “NZ leadership is appalling.”

  1. jay said

    Get rid of MMP & Make the sods work for a seat in the Beehive.

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