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The March on Section 59.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 19, 2007

Source: MENZ Issues 

The March on Section 59.

Bevan Berg

Even at 80 – 90 percent opinion is no defence to subjugation, you actually have to fight, not for freedom, but for that part of freedom you are not willing to sacrifice.

Will nzers takes to the streets or have they been snzers (snoozers) for too long.

From Saturdays Herald, it looks like Bob McCoskrie from family first and other like minded people are about to wake the sleeping giant. I see a date for a nationwide march of 28th March being proposed.

Maybe parliamentary services will provide a big screen in house so MP’s can watch the public march in centres all over NZ, while they debate how they intend to ignore us.


One Response to “The March on Section 59.”

  1. Jay said

    Well, turned on tv this afternoon to watch teletext and found the end of ‘Sponge Bob’ Talk about P>C> the square guy pissed off another charactor who said he would kick his butt. He tried to punch Sponge bob in the puku, but the fist kept going right through him.
    the other dude gave up a while and was a bit knackered. Sponge bob did a few lines along the ; violence is not a good thing,
    (very weak). Then the teacher came in,
    and found the other dude puffing etc on the deck, and asked why s.bob had clocked the new school kid. then said she would : ‘Kick Sponge Bobs butt’ also! The cartoon teacher said it! Bradford, even kids cartoons are doing a send-up. Whippy do!

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