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Update of Fathers Protest in Wellington from Benjamin Easton.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 18, 2007

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Update of Fathers Protest in Wellington from Benjamin Easton.
Sunday, 18.03.2007, 07:06pm (GMT12)

Dads’ final appeal on Judge’s call

The Wellington group of the Father’s Coalition will lay a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commissioner Ian Haines after holding a protest at the residence of former Principal Family Court Judge Mahoney on March 25th. The group will complain about the comments of the acting Principal Family Court Judge Boshier as reported in the Dominion Post on Sunday March 12th.

“ His comments excusing the judiciary from meeting with us are gamesmanship and totally  unacceptable” says protest organiser Benjamin Easton. “To say that our grievances can be accommodated with the right of appeal, when two of our major complaints are about judicial interference in the appeal process is mind numbing. “Putting a complaint before the Judicial Conduct Commissioner is the only avenue left to us” he says. “It is like the final appeal”. 

A separate group of the Fathers’ Coalition is set to meet again with the Families Commissioner Rajen Prasad on Monday 19th March. Asked if there is consistency between the two fathers’ groups spokesperson Dr Vivian Roberts replies, “the protesting has my support. We are each best doing what we do best”. A result of the first meeting was to bring about a suspension of a planned protest outside the former judge’s residence.

Mr. Easton justifies the reinstated protest outside the former Principal Family Court Judge’s house saying, “Judge Mahoney set up what has now become a huge industry exploiting parental separation. Instead of solidly advocating for a presumption of equal shared parenting as is fairest to the best interests of the child, the court has extracted everything it can from broken families” adding “and if the judges won’t see their injustices in chambers we will bring natural justice to their homes”.

Protesters (only a small number in these early stages) will meet outside the Karori Post Office at 9.30am.

Benjamin Easton



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