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The idea came about when seeing the state response to an earlier blog entitled cyfswatch.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 18, 2007

Source: NZ’ MSD the Schadenfreuden joke

Thursday, 15 March 2007

The idea came about when seeing the state response to an earlier blog entitled cyfswatch.

I was personally disgusted with the knee-jerk reactionary attitude of the ministry and those responsible for the debacle they call New Zealand’s Ministry of Social Development (NZMSD. The Green Party MP, Bradford, while supporting the introduction of an ‘anti corporal punishment bill’ which will ban physical punishment from parents has generated some pretty reasonable sounding rhetoric in her efforts to carry out an experiment in social engineering.

But when you scratch the surface you’ll find a vile purulence and festering sore – equal to the level of vileness in the form of the POROGRAPHIC material extracted from the Minister responsible for the departments computer, Benson-Pope himself a former accused abuser when he taught school in his not so younger days.

The Department appears staffed by puerile and busying good for nothings, only too willing to lie, cheat and provide invective. Arrogant to the core, their efforts seem only to justify and see their will imposed on hapless families – who have done nothing more than try and live as best and honestly as they can with the resources that they have. These so called social workers will take it upon themselves – with not even a scrap of supportive evidence turn up at your children’s school – and as they call it UPLIFT your children; no Police Report or Court Order is required. Not even a valid complaint, the only thing they need is unsubstantiated drivel from any quarter, they even now have the authority to instigate and conduct their own ‘inquiries.’

These singular Case Workers are now also able to support their own invective, they will make such a decision and then due to staffing shortages be called upon to write the section report for the Courts – and of coarse support their earlier decision, totally ignoring the fact that it was their own actions they are in support of.

The possibilities opened up by this policy have no end, the scope for friends and family alike to use these people and your children for access to the money supplied by these so called public servants is boundless.

They will think nothing of placing your children in inappropriate environments, claiming that they ‘do’ try to ensure that the children stay within the family context. But this may also be used to enrich their own family ‘context’ as the original placements when proved undesirable will have to be re-placed, all without consulting the PARENTS of the subject children, at issue.

What most people wouldn’t realize is that the Department in the guise of Work and Income (WINZ) will pay a parent $72 per week for their first child and $55 or $47 per week for subsequent children depending on the age of those children. But fostered children are subsidized at the rate of $135 per week, and of cause because of all the turmoil that the little mites have been subjected to disability payments of about $50 per week for each of the children may also be applicable.

What these geniuses at the MSD don’t seem to realize is that some children play up and want more freedom, less responsibilities and what they want – when they want it. A major problem has arisen by attempting to empower these children and hand them rights and responsibilities that they aren’t equipped to handle in life as yet, which is a form of abuse in it self. They totally ignore the simple truth that with rights come responsibilities, its called suffrage, a thing women fought long and hard for – but to enburden our children with these responsibilities and attempt to disenfranchise us as a people, is a despicable act for any Government to impose on its constituency.

The rhetoric, sound as it may seem is mismanaged – put in the hands of bureaucrats with no adequate controls over them and no effective reporting or complaints process put in place, its turned into a ‘socially divisive debacle.’ What’s even more worrisome is the avenues that they’ve created for official corruption at the expense of everyday families on the breadline, as most are in NEW ZEALAND, whether they like to see themselves like that or not. Any family earning less than about $1,400 per week now is eligible for family assistance, which just about covers everyone in the country – making them all potential beneficiaries.

They are then obliged to provide any and all information as required by these bureaucrats, even if they’re unaware of these requirements. A ‘client’ can even have a debt imposed upon them without ever being consulted about the debt and have funds deducted from their payments without ever realizing it. The potential is also there, that these debts can ultimately result in a prosecution for a fraud that the client is totally unaware of having ever committed. The net result of present policies and associated managerial ineptitude on the part of the present administration in New Zealand is that WINZ and CYFS will work in concert to royally screw you, if you are at all unhappy with the way they chose to destroy your family unit and disenfranchise you.

All this is totally illegal and they know it, but they also know that there is no-one there to police them as they go about, what they see as being their business. There is no-one in place to scrutinize whether they have their own families or friends fostering these children. There is no-one in place even to check the veracity of their invective or any allegory that they claim to be in receipt.


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