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CYFS out-perform Police in notification follow up.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 18, 2007

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CYFS out-perform Police in notification follow up.
Sunday, 18.03.2007, 08:23pm (GMT12)

[This comment has been posted by myself (bluetongue) on  on the Cindy Kiro’s Masterplan thread].

In NZ you are already more likely to be investigated for child abuse than you are to receive a low level speeding ticket.

According to 2006 statistics the police issued 34,000 tickets for motorists exceeding the speed limit by between six and 10 kilometres an hour.

In 2006, CYF processed 45,036 care and protection notifications.

Sources: NZ Police, MSD (as below).


One Response to “CYFS out-perform Police in notification follow up.”

  1. Jay said

    Ho Hum, bad as each other.
    Mostly to do with power trips & justification. I suppose the money from tickets dished out goes to pay for Cyfs many needless uplifts.
    One can not tell them to F-off, as we are trying to get these breeds to die out!

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