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CYFS “Bait & Switch” Methods work once more.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 18, 2007

Former CYFS Defender gets dealth to by CYFS:

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

CYFS “Bait & Switch” Methods work once more.
Sunday, 18.03.2007, 06:59pm (GMT12)

Message: CYFS have been very fair up until this moment. I don’t know what to do now..

I initially had all this negative feedback about CYFS when they first came into my family’s life over a month ago. Everyone around me wanted to bag CYFS.

So initially it was hard to accept that I had to leave my home and my 2 children of 4yrs & 6 yrs so they could conduct an investigation.

But I completely changed my mind after seeing how fairly, and non-judgmental the case officer treated us. She opened up all the truth to everyone and eventually helped me to get past a phase of my own denial and blame. Everything she did had a logical and fair reason and her investigation was never vindictive nor was their any hint of the so-called lop-sided or feminist undertones.

But after allowing them to conduct their investigation, interviewing my 2 little girls, finding nothing to be concerned about, CYFS have done an about face and said I still can’t go back to live with my family and I have to have supervised access!!!

You know I would have stood up to anyone who wanted to bag CYFS, and say that in my case I was treated exactly as I thought CYFS should act. In total fairness. I would have almost blogged to say to CYFSwatch subscribers that my story shows how fair CYFS can be.

But now… I am in a state of shock!!

Do you want to know more abt this story/background??


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