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Helen does what Don Brash couldn’t – destroy Helen Clark

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 17, 2007

Source: TUMEKE!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Helen does what Don Brash couldn’t – destroy Helen Clark

We expect some white lies from our politicians and we have taken a few from the Prime Minister. The-painting-she-didn’t-paint-but-signed-gate, her-speeding-car-gate, her-husband-kissed-a-gay-man-gate, and of course her ‘we-though-we’d-spent-within-the-limit-gate’. But all these things were picked up with Ian Wishart shrillness by those with axes to grind (or in Tim’s case – axes to throw – I’m hilarious and do children’s parties). Claims of Sodom and Gomorra base moral law being desecrated didn’t matter much to the rest of us, because the rest of us are adults and we understand the little white lies that sometimes pop up in our everyday. That’s not to accept or excuse lying – its just to ask that we look at the totality of a situation rather than the tiny things that seem to obsess the tiny minded.

Karl Rove isn’t tiny minded, he is a gigantic thumping brain of sheer evil genius. He suggested that one go after your enemies strengths rather than their political weaknesses, and it was with this Sun Tzu flavour he triumphed for his dark lord Bush by winning one election (you can’t count the 2000 election, we all know it was stolen). It’s an American import that Don Brash bought stock in as he attempted to use it against Helen Clark. What is the strength of Labour? It is Helen Clark, destroy her credibility, you destroy Labour, and thus started the mud slinging of last year that ended with Don Brash’s death with his political brain splattered all over the beehive from his political suicide just as the evidence was published by Nicky Hager.

But there are more ways than one to skin Helen Clark and John Key has attacked Labour’s other strength – the perception that Labour stand up for social justice – and has shown Helen up by discovering the underclass. The irony that it was National who created the underclass and it is National’s ‘political correctness’ snarl that stops Labour making life better for beneficiaries is ignored by talkback media and frightens Labour into beneficiary status quo.

But John hasn’t produced the actual ideas yet and is still in limbo as he David Cameron transitions National’s white male into a caring compassionate whale song singing friend of the people.

But it might be that he won’t have to try too hard to get elected after todays horror story for Helen Clark. As NZers, we may forgive white lies, but outright, two-faced lying is something that none of us can trust, and I just don’t think Labour realised how badly holed they have been by this issue.

Last year on Radio Rhema, a Christian radio station, Helen was asked if she would ban smacking and she said, “Absolutely not. Well, I think you’re trying to defy human nature”. WTF HELEN? You are totally into this bill, you always were to suggest other wise is, well an outright lie over something important – this isn’t a little speeding lie or a painting lie – this is a major policy issue and the impression that one is left with is Helen telling a Christian audience one thing and then doing the exact opposite. The damage is that she clearly looks two faced, and it cuts to the core of her credibility – and for many it will be the first feeling that Clark is manipulative, and once that feeling sets in, it can’t be shaken.

Dumb Helen, real dumb.

Clark denies U-turn on smacking
Prime Minister Helen Clark has denied doing a U-turn on smacking, despite the National Party circulating past comments suggesting she does not support a ban. Helen Clark is among 63 MPs expected to vote against an amendment put up by National MP Chester Borrows that would change Green MP Sue Bradford’s bill and allow light smacking. In the 2005 exchange, on Radio Rhema, one of the bill’s most ardent opponents, Family First spokesman Bob McCroskie, asked Helen Clark if she wanted to see smacking banned. The Prime Minister replied: “Absolutely not. Well, I think you’re trying to defy human nature”.


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