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U.N. Agenda Behind the Anti-Smacking Bill

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 16, 2007

Source: Helen Clark Exposed

Thursday, February 22, 2007

U.N. Agenda Behind the Anti-Smacking Bill

It is literally a social engineering agenda to – among other things – remove the rights of parents and grant children equal rights. (Despite the social reality that they are too young to exercise them – the whole point we as a species have active parents during childhood and an extended adolescence, afterall. ) As pointed out previously, children’s rights are the excuse for useful idiots like Sue Bradford to further this totalitarian agenda, bit-by-bit, at the expense of parents’ rights and even national sovereignty.

This is no conspiracy theory. This agenda is well documented by the socialist feminists at the U.N. themselves [1] [2]. The meat of it is discussed in the following. (Take your pick!)

Even Alone, We Can Still Be Right by David Horowitz

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – The Most Dangerous Attack on Parents’ Rights In the History of the United States by Christopher J. Klicka

UN Feminist Threat by Christina Hoff Summers

CEDAW by Antonia Feitz

How fitting that like abortion, this anti-child anti-parent agenda is promoted by those who have no personal connection to the issue. In the case of abortion: radical lesbians who will never have to face having one; in the case of “children’s rights” advocates: childless wimmin who declared war on the family despite having nothing to replace it with. (Other than state control, that is.)

Enter the useful idiots Sue Bradford, et al. They know best!


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