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Bradford says “light smacking will be allowed”.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 15, 2007

For f***s sake Sue – which is it?

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Bradford says “light smacking will be allowed”.
Thursday, 15.03.2007, 10:48pm (GMT12)

Bradford: Bill won’t ban light smacking now = new Date();hour = 16;var tag = “”; if (hour > 12) {hour = hour – 12;tag = “pm”;} else if (hour== 12){tag = “pm”;} else {tag = “am”;} document.write(“Thu-15-Mar-2007 ” + hour + “:02” + tag); Thu-15-Mar-2007 4:02pm Thu-15-Mar-2007 4:02pm

Green MP Sue BradfordGreen MP Sue Bradford


The author of the so-called “anti-smacking bill” says she supports the Prime Minister’s assertion that the Government would never ban smacking.

Helen Clark today lashed out at media for misinterpreting her comments on the bill, claiming that it is not an attempt to ban smacking.

Green MP Sue Bradford agrees, saying that smacking is already illegal, and any force used on another person against their will is technically assault.

She says her bill simply removes a parent’s defence to use “reasonable force” if an attack on a child goes to court.

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