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Blogger accuses Canterbury police of corruption.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 15, 2007

Anyone know the site address?

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Blogger accuses Canterbury police of corruption.
Thursday, 15.03.2007, 06:42am (GMT12)

Blogger accuses Canterbury police of corruption

By KIM THOMAS – The Press | Thursday, 15 March 2007

Ten Canterbury police officers have been targeted by an internet blogger making unsubstantiated claims of corruption against them.

The website is the latest to name public servants, after internet accusations against Child, Youth and Family (CYF) social workers, Family Court lawyers, judges and those involved in the Accident Compensation Corporation system.

Canterbury police have dismissed the site as defamatory and are investigating legal action against the person behind it.

The Press has decided not to publish the name of the site because the claims cannot be substantiated.

The site gives officers a rating out of 10 for their level of corruption.

The anonymous blogger claims he is publicising wrongdoing against his friends, for the sake of public interest and debate.

The Canterbury district commander, Superintendent Sandra Manderson, said last night the website was “totally inappropriate” and defamatory. She called for the site to be removed.

“Our legal services are looking at it,” she said. “We have advised everyone who has been named – most are not particularly impressed.”

One of the Canterbury officers named on the website described the blogger as cowardly and driven by “personal vendetta”.

“I’m having a laugh about it, but I can see how a lot of people would be quite upset by it,” he said. `People can get on the computer and slag people off and put only one side of the story.”

He was not overly concerned about the blog damaging his reputation as “the only people who will get into these sites are people with an axe to grind and 99 per cent of the population will pay them no attention”.

He believed he knew the person behind the blogs and that the man’s complaints had been investigated at the highest level and found wanting.

Police Association president Greg O’Connor described the blog as the “ravings of a lunatic”.

“The less publicity we give these people the better,” he said.

Technology commentator and blogger David Farrar said a dangerous trend was developing where bloggers vented their anger against individuals, such as state servants, with little real evidence.

“Google (the internet host of many blogs) can choose to delete any of these attacks if they want, but the Catch-22 is that if they remove things every time someone complains they take away stuff that represents freedom of speech,” he said.

Farrar said Google removed blogs that breached its stated policies, such as being threatening or violating people’s privacy.

The anti-police website did not appear to breach Google’s rules because it did not make threats or contain officers’ phone numbers or addresses, as a website targeted at CYF workers had, he said.

The CYF website was taken off the internet because of concerns that publication of social workers’ names and addresses was putting them and their families at risk.


4 Responses to “Blogger accuses Canterbury police of corruption.”

  1. Simian said

    Been trying to find out the site without success, anyway, heres my one!


  2. Simian said

    Dont know the site, but heres another one of interest re the same:

  3. Go for it said

    Has anyone got the address of this site would love to know?

  4. Just wonfering if this is the site the media doesn’t want to publish and the police are crying about ??????????????????

    As posted on THE FACT FILES

    the FACT FILES


    The following information will explain why we do not have the confidence to bring a serious current situation to the Christchurch Police and have them handle it safely and competently. It also details why we require a full and proper investigation of our experience and complaints.

    Read more

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