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Where the hell are the parents opposing the passing of repeal of Section 59?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 14, 2007

Who will stand up for New Zealand families?

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Where the hell are the parents opposing the passing of repeal of Section 59?
Wednesday, 14.03.2007, 09:58am (GMT12)

Not Supported writes:

I have noted with an air of gloom the recent passing – or as good as – of Sue Bradford’s bill. What I would like to know is what the hell can we do about it if the government will not listen to the voices of the majority in this country who oppose the repeal of section 59?

Would the 80% of us who oppose this anti-democratic forceful imposition of law be able – or willing – to band together as a single unit to take the GOVERNMENT to court in the largest ever class action and is this even possible? I suggest that as this is meant to be a democracy and since the majority on NZ’ers are against the repeal, then in go ahead with this legislation the government is acting undemocratically and therefore illegally. I for one would proudly participate in a class action against this government. Who else would?


CYFSWATCH replies:


We believe that it is not “class action” that is needed, but rather “direct action”. This website is an example of “direct action” – putting everything on the line for the sake of defending a set of principles and beliefs – it’s what our forefathers did when they went to war. Now, the very liberty and freedom they fought and died for in their generation is being handed to the enemy on a silver platter via apathy and no-stomach-for-a-fight by this generation. Pathetic really that New Zealand as a people are, on the whole, too afraid to take direct action – it seems that we have become a nation of fearful wimps. The enemy is winning – without a shot being fired. To “take out” ones own people is called treason – the Government has been “taking out” its own people for years, and most of us just let it happen. Lawyers and lawsuits don’t start revolutions – direct action by a people who cry “enough” do.

One Response to “Where the hell are the parents opposing the passing of repeal of Section 59?”

  1. Jay said

    Make the ratbags sweat for a seat in the beehive

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