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Toxic Wife Syndrome: These wives aren’t desperate, they’re toxic

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 14, 2007

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8 March 2007

These wives aren’t desperate, they’re toxic

London: They are flirtatious, love to target older men, are weighed down
with designer accessories and within minutes of meeting a man want to know
his bank balance.

Watch out! Toxic Wife Syndrome is rampant and droves of gold diggers are
prowling in search of rich prey to join the tribe.

So says British journalist Tara Winter Wilson whose guide to spotting a
potential toxic wife touched a raw nerve with hordes of victims contacting
her about the so-called syndrome.

Her warning is stark: “Unless you marry an equal who is going to pay her
own way, you will end up with a lazy, indulgent, over-pampered slug.”

“Marriage is being clouded by Toxic Wife Syndrome. Ridiculous amounts of
money keep being awarded to these women in divorce settlements.”

Winter Wilson, staggered by the flood of heartfelt feedback she got after
first naming the syndrome in a lifestyle article for the Daily Telegraph
newspaper, said: “Many women see it as a career choice.”

“After leaving university, they stay on the party circuit until they trap
someone. They try to get the most by doing the least. They develop an
extraordinary sense of entitlement, becoming very judgmental and shrewish,”
she told Reuters. She said she had hate mail from women who accused her of
being a misogynist who also betrayed feminism.

Stoutly defending her stand, Winter Wilson argued: “The toxic wife is a
complete disservice to women. It does us no favours. Stay-at-home mothers
should be applauded, not reviled.”

“I think the stigma of being at home and looking after children should be
taken away. The toxic wife thinks she is above it all. It makes me burn
with anger.”

She was prompted into print after a young male banker approached her at a
party and “whispered that I would be doing a good service if I could write
about the high maintenance wife scenario.”

The danger signals of a wife going toxic are all too plain:

– She gives up work to care for the children and then sends them to
boarding schools as soon as they outgrow their nannies.

– She demands wall-to-wall help with a maid hired to work up to 14 hours a
day six days a week.

– Cooking and housework are strictly out of bounds

– They have to live in a country mansion, forcing the husband to commute
daily to London.

“I have had feedback from readers around the world recognising the
syndrome. In America, many people wrote in about their toxic wives,” she said.

So, does she practice what she preaches?

“I married for love but sadly am divorced. I pay my ex-husband one pound a
year in alimony and he pays me one pound. We have two children. I have them
one week and he then has them one week. They are unbelievably sane, happy
and confident.”


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