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CYFSWATCH Website Host speaks out – but identity of CYFSWATCH authors still remains a mystery.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 14, 2007

Source: Wairarapa Times Age 14/3/07:

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

CYFSWATCH Website Host speaks out – but identity of CYFSWATCH authors still remains a mystery.
Wednesday, 14.03.2007, 08:23pm (GMT12)

Battler takes on CYFS



Name and shame crusader Henk Van Helmond has taken up the banner of the axed Cyfswatch site from his Masterton home.

Mr Van Helmond, known online as Kiwi1960, said yesterday he is hosting the site after enduring a 17-year battle with Children and Young Persons Service over their treatment of his now adult son, Jonothon Van Helmond.

“It took 12 years just to get the file after he was put into a foster home and that was only with the intervention of the Ombudsman.

“It was then that my eyes were opened to the culture of evil within CYFS.”

The Cyfswatch site he hosts took 13,000 hits on Monday and has a mirror site, with both posting blogs that name and shame CYFS social workers.



The relaunched site has been online since late February, he said, after Google closed the original site three weeks ago when death threats were made against Green MP Sue Bradford.

Mr Van Helmond does not know the identity of the group for whom he is host, he said, although he has suspicions.

He said he “is the human face of Cyfswatch” and its anonymous authors and that he became involved as a host after earlier posting blogs on the original site that recalled his personal war with CYFS.

“There is nowhere else for people like me to get justice, except for the internet.

“If CYFS want to get me, let them come.

“At least that will give me my day in court. I’m justified.”

Mr Van Helmond was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001 and had the next year set up a name-and-shame website that targeted able-bodied motorists who parked in spaces set aside for disabled drivers.

He said the Cyfswatch site is a forerunner to other protest sites planned for his stable that he will host from early April.

The sites will offer web space for similar protest blogs but he will not accept hate blogs, pornography, file sharing or death threats, he said, which, should they be made against him, he will treat “on their merits or lack of them as they come”.

“The only people that would attack me are social workers and they’ve already done that so it’s really not a worry anymore, is it?”


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