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Ban it – Because it Worked: The real story behind the “horsewhip” case.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 14, 2007


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Ban it – Because it Worked: The real story behind the “horsewhip” case.
Tuesday, 13.03.2007, 11:28pm (GMT12)

Ban it – Because it Worked


It’s worth at this time re-reading Dave’s most excellent blog on the “Horse Whipping” case.

80% of the current debate is caused by this case. The case was kicked off by a social worker taking the child off his mother. That power trip was initiated because the boy came to her attention. The boy came to her attention because his behavior improved.

Here’s what makes me absolutely sick here: this whole debate was kicked off because smacking worked.

So his mother disciplined hom with a riding crop because she couldn’t find anything else. Not a horse whip. A horse whip conjures up visions of a long stock type whip, where a riding crop is a small item, about 18 inches long and is designed to give a short sharp sting with no seen physical effects.

The discipline was controlled, over with very quickly and was very effective, according to the mother. Afterwards the boy gave his mother a hug and apologised for swinging the baseball bat and threatening his stepfather.

The special education services (SES) worker at the boy’s school noticed a change in the boys behavior at school and asked why there was such a positive change His mother told him about the disciplining. The SES worker told the boys mother that she was not allowed to discipline in this manner, that it was against the law even to smack – which of course is rubbish.

It seems that the law has already been changed:

The mother says she has spoken to four different CYFS social workers about smacking and they all hold and maintain the belief that it is against the law to smack children, and that smacking constitutes violence and violence begets violence. She said she was told that it is their policy to remove children from the care of parents who smack to discipline.

That’s the alleged current policy. If allegations like this can be made at present, imagine the situation where smacking is illegal.

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