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What will be CYFS response to a repeal of Section 59?

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 13, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

What will be CYFS response to a repeal of Section 59?
Monday, 12.03.2007, 09:43pm (GMT12)

CYFS “Alternatives to Smacking” Campaign 1998:


In September 1998, the “Alternatives to Smacking” campaign was launched. The main objectives were to raise awareness of the alternatives to smacking and to promote the message that there are better alternatives for disciplining children. The campaign included television advertising and a range of targeted radio advertisements produced in Maori, English and Pacific languages which aired on community and iwi radio stations. In March and April 2000, Child, Youth and Family staged a five week re-run of the “Alternatives to Smacking” television advertisements. Four of the five original advertisements were screened.

And what constitutes “abuse”? According to this CYFS document, everything, including smacking:

Perhaps this comment to CYFSWATCH received today best sums up CYFS position:

I attended a meeting about 2 years ago, where a member of the Whangarei CYFS office was present. 


She was asked directly how CYFS would react to smacking if a law change came into place. 

She said that if there was a law change, they would treat smacking very seriously. 


She also intimated, that CYFS already considered smacking as unacceptable, but because there was no law preventing it, they could not act on it.

The police may take a relaxed view of it, but CYFS do not.


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