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Kid’s tantrum sparks abduction alert

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 13, 2007

Kid’s tantrum sparks abduction alert


By Beck VassA father who was trying to control his eight-year-old daughter as she threw a tantrum sparked police fears that the child was being abducted in Tauranga yesterday.

Sergeant John Hicks said a man came to the Tauranga police station counter to report seeing a girl being grabbed by the shoulder and pushed into the back of a silver car at the 2nd Ave and Devonport Rd intersection about 8.40am.

The car drove off and a major police response including detectives and police patrol cars “saturated” the area amid kidnapping fears, Mr Hicks said.

“We pulled out all the stops.”

Police contacted Tauranga Primary School to see if it was missing any pupils and continued hunting in the area.

Mr Hicks said police found the silver car, a BMW, about an hour later on 13th Ave.

“It transpired, after talking to the driver of the car, that it was a father and a daughter who had an altercation. He placed his hands on her shoulders and placed her in the car. There was no violence at all or anything.” The father had taken his daughter to school when she had a tantrum. Mr Hicks said police were pleased the witness reported the incident.

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