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Trouble at the top

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 7, 2007

As posted on trouble at the top

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

trouble at the top

I have a great deal of empathy with those concerned about cyfs practice but would warn that not all social workers are incompetent, lazy, insensitive and uncaring. However, that said having once been part of that organisation and WINZ I have to say that cyfs appears to attract two broad personality types. These types are most often diametrically opposed one being a conservative- authoritarian, the other having a values based approach. It is the former that one needs to be concerned with and while I do not know any of those named in the blogs would suspect they belong in the first category.

WINZ is a different kettle of fish but share many commonalities of practice with cyfs in that the authoritarian personality predominates, in fact is inculcated into staff who have a mind set of denial rather than an attitude of assistance. Now I mention that, to note this: be aware that both organisations are headed by an intransigent, lunk headed graduate of Harvard University [ the alma mater of Geo Bush!!!] who is incapable of thinking in any lateral, sensitive, human value based manner and most probably subscribes to the Freidman school of thought and the structural functionalist approach to social thinking. He is paid mega dollars by a governemnt that believes he is the best thing since sliced bread, issues contradictory press statements [ that are the opposite of what occurs in practice ] and has thus, in reality made no progress that benefits, in any way, the clients and comminities he is supposed to look after. His, and cyfs and winz responses are always that same old doctrinal detritus which lays the blame on the government ie: ” it is not us, we only enforce policy–and we do it well”. That is fatuous and patronising as their role has a broader compass and that is to portray the poverty, alienation, conservative and aggressive actions of [some ] cyfs social workers and almost all WINZ staff. Many times those that need cyfs help are also in receipt of benefits so suffer the twin viccissitudes of the Stalinst CEO who must surely be on over half a million dollars a year.

The point of this? Well lets collectivize and challenge the system and the bureaucrat dicky lickers at the top. There are ways belive you me.

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