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The number of cyfs problems!

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 7, 2007

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The number of cyfs problems!

Forever on the rise and so many more people to afraid to speak out because they fear their children will be taken away or they wont get them back, for you people that deserve closure and the ability for someone else to speak for you..This is from my heart to you all…have courage that time will come..

I have been in the system before as a child and some distant cousins and friends of mine (THE ONES THAT ARE ALIVE TODAY some have suicided over mistakes in the cyfs departments putting them into unsafe homes) have had CYFs in their lives..

As a small child growing up in a small and growing community you hear and see so much! I am a single mother and widow of 3 children. I have come from a large and growing family. My brother has helped me raise my boys as they are extremely hypo active and I believe boys need a male influence in their lives something that a mother cannot give to them so they grow up and behave like men do. My eldest son is a teenager and it gets harder by the day so I send them to their uncle for help and support…….he loves them very much and always trys to help where he can. And I have helped him in return looking after all the kids as well. WELL i believe he is a good father and he goes out of his way to take the place of someone who cannot be here in support……..I would also like to add I participated in”The seasons for growth..Loss of fathers etc through deaths in family and how to overcome this…through the MOARI womens refuge. in sending my children among others to help those who need support for the losses in their lives. I have also actively supported other voluntary services and I have learned so much from this. I have been around alot of abused PEOPLE in my life to know what the meaning of PHYSICAL and MENTAL abuse is!!!! with out being a paper professional…..!!!!!!!!! I have learned this first hand.
Also Id like to add most of the social workers dont have Children themselves and live in the “IF” and IMAGINE I HAD A CHILD….. How can you call yourself a professional when you dont have first hand experience????? I believe in matters that include taking children away you should find out all the facts first: involve the whole family!!!! Do your research better so no mistakes are made! Ask everyone in the families whats happening in a case, expand your reasearch…Understand the person and actually give a dam!

AND do you know what its like to live on a $400.00 a week income paying top rent of $300.00+pw “oh yes” most of us live on rice….. Not all people drink, do drugs and abuse our children. Some of us try to be the best parent we can be! The social systems and cyfs and the courts need to work together to prevent mistakes…While helping to provide a decent income and home for those in need!! YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

Example: My brother has recently been involved in cyfs and his child has been uplifted from a stable loving environment. He got married in MAY 2006 to a single mother of 3 children, she had come from an abusive home where her mother was sent to prison for stabbing the father. the home is violent and nothing has changed to this present day! This family is well known in the area and to the police! My brothers new wife was brought up in a family suituation where you have to lie to fit in or else!!!! I’m shocked at some of the stories that had been told to me and some other members of my family about her life….My brother was solo father for 2 years before he dated and married his new wife. The mother of his previous relationship and only child to gave him up so she could have a single life. His new wifes children were unsettled and very confused as their mother moved them around alot. The father was not present as he beat and abused her. My brother in my opinion and other members of my family and friends. WAS the best person for her in her life and He loves her and the children as his own. He wanted her to settle down with him and get married. I have never seen my brother hit a child in a way which would hurt them physically EVER! even though hes not perfect he is a good person. He loves children and completely acts like one himself at times..dressing as santa and creating the easter bunny me thats just really funny and cool. To cyfs hes a monster. They would never listen as they dont know him and took the kids from the home without enough evidence no warrent and no investigation. No family contact what so ever! Step fathers in their opinion are to blame for everything? Men can do no right…

Although a teacher stated his step son had a bruise and it must be my brother as the child is hypo active and likes to recieve attention. (only one child had a small bruise) The mother also stated he didnt hit the boy! But cyfs and the teacher said YES HE DID!!! the bruise had to come from somewhere….No you cant get bruises from being a normal child? so as the poem goes! When does a teacher become a abuse victim professional???? what is their job? CYFs worker??? FACTS need to be establised first before accusations! Their was no facts at all everything was based on hear say!!! the child was not in danger as they made out! I find this to be really upsetting! They did not do their reasearch good enough. Now her 3 children are living with her mother. 6 children and5 adults in a 2 bedroom home. where mental and physical abuse starts on a daily bases..The wife has to play the game of her mother as she is frightned not to be around her children and moved into the home where she was so desperate to run from…

CYFS have taken the children from their stable loving home and schools, told the newly wed couple to get a divorce, sell the house..give up the kids and now they are back in their old environment.


Where is the logic in this??? What happens to those children now>??? Do you think they are safe??? CYFs do!!!

I think it would be a good idea to rally infront of parliment sometime soon and make a difference…the system needs to change…who gave cyfs the power to take children away? where are the kids rights…they want to go home!


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