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Let’s keep our Freedom of Speech!!

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 7, 2007

As posted on Broadly Speaking

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let’s keep our Freedom of Speech!!

New Zealand Herald item – “Renegade blogsite holding CYFS workers to account”

At long last people are fighting back! They are damning CYFS for removing children from their families without proper research or consideration of the circumstances – often with tragic results.

The renegade blogsite details heart wrenching stories of what CYFS people have been doing to our children– even naming and graphically describing the people involved and their irresponsible behaviour.

CYFS’ lawyers are working to shut the site down – a move similar to a successful one in America when disgruntled CYFS ‘clients’ posted their grievances on line. (Isn’t this against their Bill of Rights – amendment 1 – Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…..)

But hey, what about respecting the freedom of speech in New Zealand? Would the closing down of this blog mean the beginning of the end of the right to speak?

After all, blogs are private, not public, aren’t they?

Why can’t we write what we like? Just as we email, talk over the phone and converse with our associates?

I believe, that in spite of the subject matter, let the freedom to write and speak what we wish always remain with us.

So, let’s fight against this social injustice! No one should have the right of ability close a blog down just because they disagree with the content. Especially one as important as this!

What can we do to keep our social right to the freedom of speech?

Who are the best people to contact?

Are they the Prime Minister, the local MP, the Children’s Commissioner, The Communications Minister, the local paper?

Are you doing anything to prevent this blog from being closed down? Or anything else to preserve our freedom to speak and write? I look forward to your comments! Please post them! Let us know what you are doing!


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