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Judge, Jury and Executioner – Ani Henry Ormsby

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 7, 2007

As posted on Judge, Jury and Executioner Ani Henry Ormsby

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Judge, Jury and Executioner – Ani Henry Ormsby

This is my first time on this web site and I commend you all keep it going. I searched for the name Ani Ormsby or Ani Henry Ormsby and as I suspected she is on here. Ani is a Social Worker for CYPS Taupo and she dealt with my nieces case.

I am very much a person who will not tolerate parents not caring for their children and in this case it was my brother and his wife. I reported the abuse/neglect of the basics back in 2003. I told my brother that if he did not buck his ideas up I would go to CYFS, he did not so I notified CYFS. I left my name, phone and address and told them I did not want to be anon. CYFS Taupo investigated and after one year closed the case. I phoned one year later to find out what the outcome was only to be told that the case was closed and my brother and wife’s parenting skills were fine.

November 2005 I received a message on my phone from Ani asking me to call her. I did so only to find our that more complaints from the school for; my niece going to school dirty, her hair was riddled with lice and nits. Complaints also came in from the district nurse and other community members.

Ani told me that the reason she phoned was to ask if my husband and I would take my nieces into our care, she also said that the school was threatening court action if the girls were not taken out of their parents care. My husband and I were glad to take them and at least I would not worry about them in our care. As time went by (5months) everything was fine and Ani spoke to us about keeping the girls permanently. However during Christmas I began to notice inappropriate sexual behaviour from my eldest niece which included gyrating on soft toys and cushions. When I approached Ani several times as the behaviour was happening to frequently she kept fobbing me off. To the point where I sought help from our local Hauora. Thanks to the Hauora and the local school we found help for my niece.

I just happened to view a letter that was sent to CYFS by a Paediatrician with regards to my eldest niece. This letter was presented at a hui between myself, the Hauora and the District Nurse. In this letter is stated that a sexual abuse allegation and that the person who made the allegation did not want to be named. This letter was written in 2003. I questioned Ani about this letter only to have her answer oh Donna it’s nothing. I asked her again “why was nothing done”? Ani then said to me that they think it was my father (who passed away Nov 2005). I then said to her “I don’t care if you think it was my father, brother, or sister, why didn’t you do something about it”? Ani then said “Donna what are you trying to get at? I said “you are the girls Social Worker and I want to make sure you are doing your job”!

As it has turned out the sexual abuser was not my father and it was a couple of friends of my brother. From that point on Ani did not speak to me or answer my emails, phone calls. The second FGC came up and not realising Ani had gone behind my back and approached my step mother to take the girls instead of us having them. After reading a gleaming report of how my husband and I have been great care givers and even a verbal report from the school and all the other people that assisted us with the eldest we (the whanau on both mother and father’s side) all began to decide where the girls would go to live permanently. The person who did not agree for the girls to continue living with us was my step mother. In the end she had no choice but to agree for the girls to stay with us.

Ani was called back in and told the decision to which she said “I do not agree”. I asked her why and she said that we had not been accepted CYFS Caregivers as yet and that it is better if the girls went with their father’s mother. She also said I was moody and paranoid. I told her I am not moody just frustrated that she had not done her job properly and as for the paranoia my concerns were correct as was stated in the letter from the Doctor. To make a very long story a little shorter the following is what Ani did or did not do:

  • Never provided care plans
  • Never prepared the girls and us for placement
  • Never supported us as Caregivers
  • Never kept us informed of any issues with the girls
  • Never made appropriate referrals for the girls
  • Never linked us with support agencies
  • Visited the girls only once in 7 months
  • Never included us in the consultation process
  • With sensitivity, she did not prepare us or the girls in the termination of placement
  • Called me a liar (I have no reasons to lie), paranoid and moody
  • Broke nearly all the conditions made at the first FGC
  • Made plans with the girls other grandparents and left a message for me at the office to let the girls go with their grandparents (I did not let them go as it was not planned and she did not inform me even though I had spoken to her half an hour before)
  • I had to constantly be on her back with regards to the girls school fees etc
  • June 28th 2006 Ani phoned me to say the girls were going on holiday with my step mother in Christchurch and that they would fly out on June 30th 2006. June 29th Ani phoned me and told me the girls were going to live in Christchurch permanently. June 30th she came and picked them up
  • The worst thing Ani has done is ignore the sexual abuse allegation and left the girls in the care of their parents for another 3 years.

I could go on and on about what Ani did not do according to her job description. I ended up placing a formal complaint with the CEO and GM of CYFS. I received a reply 9th Feb from CEO Peter Hughes.

“This review has now been completed. I have been advised that there were a number of shortfalls in the support and information provided to you and to the children”

“I can assure you that we take complaints like your very seriously and that, in this case we have made changes to make sure that better support is provided in future”

It also apologies on behalf of Ani Henry Ormsby. However she is still working for CYFS Taupo and delaing with other cases. WHAT CAN WE DO???? This woman has proven that she cannot make decisions for our children based on facts and she is very vendictive and will do anything to try and cover her mistakes as she did with this case.

Regards to you all

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2 Responses to “Judge, Jury and Executioner – Ani Henry Ormsby”

  1. yvette said

    I also had dealings with ani henry but on the opposite side of the fence. She tried to have my children taken off me but did not succeed.THANK GOD. My advise to all parents having dealings with cyfs. Find out everything there is to know about the social worker who is in charge of your case & use it to your full advantage. I have had dealings with cyfs in different towns over the last 10 yrs & found numerous faults with every social worker i have dealt with right from gambling to abusing & not caring for their own children.Its about time cyfs start looking in there own backyard!!!! & practising what they preach.

  2. Donna said

    UPDATE: It has been a long time. I have just found out this week that my file as a CYFS Caregiver was closed by a Taupo Social Worker Bridgette Waho. Tha amazing thing is the comments she placed on my file. “The chiildren have left her care and now reside in Christchurch. Donna (ME) has written a Ministerial and placed information on the CYFS watch regarding the social worker. This is not appropiate behaviour from a CYFS approved whanau caregiver, therefore I am recommending closing this caregiver file”.

    I requested a copy of everything that CYFS had on file about me which is where I found the above comments and a whole heap more. I do not believe I was inappropiate for putting my blog on this site. I only told the truth and if telling the truth is inappropiate there is definitly something wrong with Bridgette’s ethical views. If Ani was a great sosial worker I would be the first to take my hat off to her and praise her.

    After reading through all the notes (especially the psychologist report) I decided not to go ahead and fight to have the girls living back with us. I did not realise it has now been 15months that they have been in Christchurch and I definitly do not want to uplift them and have their lives turned upside down again. I am however in the process of writing to the Ommbudsman.

    I have recieved a few letters from the CEO Peter Hughes and in the last letter it stated that the reason Ani decided that the girls should go to Christchurch is that it is better access for extended whanau. I wrote back and said “please do not tell me this because in Chirstchurch the girls have their paternal grandmother, my sister(aunty) and 3 cfirst ousins. Here in the North the girls have 8 aunties and uncle’s and 18 first cousins, their maternal grandparents and their father, what about them. I’m still awaiting a reply.

    This case has haunted me and my family for 4 years and hopefully the I will find justice from the Ombudsman.

    Keep up the good work

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