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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 7, 2007

As posted on stolenchildren

Monday, January 22, 2007

WhileI dont agree with naming people or breaking the law I can fully understand why some parents have chosen to do this.
Cyf are not above recreating the truth and the Family Court rulings are often based on opinion not fact .
You are guilty until proven innocent and most lawyers will not take on legal aid cases where CYF are involved.
I was promised a ruling on the custody of my family in December of last year and as of yet have heard nothing .
While I would never say I was an innocent victim I admitted my fault, and asked for help.
Very little but the standard  clothing grants where given and those where given begrugdingly
While in care my children have been assualted, lived in filthy homes and been feed and clothed inadequeatly.
When i have pointed this out I was told off and told not to treat my children for headlice etc…
I was told by senior social workers I would never have my children home .. even though I asked what I would have to do to have them returned .
My childrens current caregivers leave them alone for up to five hours at a time .. I have told CYF but it seems they will not check that my children are safe, the caregivers live very near a programme for sexual offenders.
To top this off the caregivers are reciving a benefit and extra money from CYF for food.. I have been told that most of the evening meals consist of takeaways.. eg pizza and subway 4-5 nights out of seven 
One of my children has returned home but the family court have been told that she is being manipulated by me and her opinions cannot be trusted , Yet she does well at school is liked and works partime.
she is very worried about her sisters but nobody will listen to her.
My next child has some behavioural problems which I have tried for years to bring to CYF or in fact anybodys attention, to no avial 
now however CYF admit that this child needs help, but it is all my fault, so to fix this they are proposing to minimise my contact if she misbehaves in anyway .
The last of my children was removed from her school and community and sent to live with her current caregiver after she ran away for the previous 18mths she had been adament that she wanted to return to her home, then she said she was scared of me and didnt want her birthday party to go ahead we had been planning this for some weeks and I had had unsupervised access to her each weekend for the previous 9 months with they only problems being that she was reluctant to return home 
I dont drive and have difficulty walking but was expected to escourt them back at 7.30pm at night or put this child in a taxi unaccompained I had to fight tooth and nail for CYF o pay for this.
I have complained ato everyone asked Ruth Dyson for a face to face meeting but this has been refused .
CYF are corrupt they are not interested in restoring famlies or protecting or supporting children they do lie to each other and the court.
If the family court where open to the public and CYF were held accountable the children of this country would be better off 
I have been accused of having a borderline personality disorder.. snd have been told I am not a fit parent…
Because of this I have not seen (offically) one of my children since September  last year…  In court the judge was told for instance that one of my children went unescourted on a school trip you would think I was drunk or something but the facts were that I live across the road from a local park and this child crossed the road when they saw their sibling, see the difference a few facts make .
When dealing with CYFS you suddenly have no rights they can change their schools and lie about you tell your children you dont want to see them  etc
If a parent had day to day care of a child and proposed to only allow access during school hours I would hope the court would say that this was unacceptable, but for CYF this is ok …
Also If you ever have a section 178 report, and the report writer has very negitive and fixed views this person will be allowed to do the next report and any others unless you can convince a judge of their hostility because they are Professionals in acriminal court they wold be a hostile witness, but as I have said before the family court is based mostly on opinion not fact…
CYF are a law unto themselves some social workers are honest aand care about the families but they tend to burn out and leave the system In closing for having been in fostercare and knowing how we werent believed I hope that the general public will begin to ask Who is CYF accountable to who audits them overseas their spending I would guess they spend more money on they lawyers to ensure famlies are kept apart than on helping and supporting the vunerable famlies who need there help

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