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CYF social workers

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 7, 2007

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

CYF social workers

I think that naming social workers is unfair for them. They are trying to help New Zealand families whom have children who are in unstable or unsafe environments. All children taken into CYF care are put their for a reason. It is immoral to say that social workers do not care about the children that are take in. Without their help there would be more children whoms futures would be dim.

3 Responses to “CYF social workers”

  1. theydontgiveadam said

    Cyfs are responible for placing children in unsafe & unstable enviroments.They do not care about the kids in their care. There is no emotion in it at all. For them its just a formality. Because of their interference their are a lot of unhappy children out there who will grow up to be angry young adults.When it comes to the care & protection of children CYFS has the worse track record ever.Children have been emotionally verbably & physically abused while in their care & some have been killed.You ave no idea.ITS ABOUT TIME ALL THESE PEOPLE WERE UNCOVERED FOR THE ARSHOLES THAT THEY REALLY ARE.

  2. hmmmm said

    Good on ya Briar. Cyfs may get it wrong, but you know what they are usually taking kids out of bad situations or situations that could easily turn on its head. I have been in cyfs care because of severe abuse by a parent. They got it right then, yeah sure the foster parents weren’t perfect, but they were better to methen the abusive parent I had. So for “theydontgiveadamn” your wrong if you say “You have no idea”. Have you “theydontgiveadamn” been a kid that has been in an abusive household and removed? Probably not? Your probably some arsehole that has nothing better to do, then sit on your fat butt all day doing fuck all, or your an abusive fuck who deserves to not have your kids, or your in denial.

  3. theydontgiveadam said

    Hmmmm For your information i was also bought up as a stateward under the old social welfare system & they are just as corrupt today as they were then.i am not an arsehole that has nothing better to do infact i am a very busy mother & grandmother to my mokos & there is no way cyfs will ever get their hands on my whanau & iam certaintly not in denial. When it comes to cyfs i am under no illusion as to what some of these case workers are like.. . . Know me before you judge me, I repeat:(You have no idea). ITS ABOUT TIME ALL THESE PEOPLE WERE UNCOVERED FOR THE ARSEHOLES THAT THEY REALLY ARE. Good on you HALL OF SHAME

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