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USA: Stolen Baby Video At YouTube

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 5, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007

Stolen Baby Video At YouTube

Find out what happened to CPS caseworker Gary Sanderson and CPS Director Jill McVey after Daddy Justice Films interviewed them. According to the baby’s mother, Sanderson stole her baby, rudely throwing his paperwork into her face, on the basis of a false allegation that she was using drugs. She offered to take a drug test, but a negative result on that wasn’t enough. Her baby was held in a foster home for nearly two months though there was no evidence against her.

I recommend this eight-minute video to whoever wants to know a little about what it is like to be involved in a CPS case, but bear in mind this family was lucky – they eventually, after much heartache and trauma, got their child back – while many others do not.

Because I run a website for parents facing false accusations of child abuse or neglect, I occasionally receive angry comments from people who don’t understand how I can help accused parents. They seem to have missed the keyword: FALSE accusations. Someone has to help these parents and too often their county-paid lawyers won’t take the time to do an effective job. What’s wrong with giving the parents a bit of legal knowledge that could help them get their kids back? Where would the child in this video be now if the mother and grandmother didn’t have someone to help them?

This video demonstrates how a false accusation can destroy a family and traumatize a child.

The link: YouTube – Stolen Baby!

posted by Linda for FightCPS.Com at 2:44 AM

One Response to “USA: Stolen Baby Video At YouTube”

  1. Jay said

    Typical arrogance & ignorance.
    Shot first, worry about innocent victims later/if ever.
    They can be like vermin, make a huge mess for others to clean up!
    Not acceptable.. EVER…

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