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Social Workers brat heading off to bleat to the Ministry of Education.

Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 4, 2007

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Sunday, March 4, 2007 pm31 5:27 PM in CYFSWATCH Media

Student Tupac tattoo suspension goes to Ministry

By RACHEL GRUNWELL – Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 4 March 2007

Auckland family whose son was expelled from a Catholic boys\’ school because he has a tattoo will complain to the Education Ministry in a bid to stop other students being treated the same way.
Zavier Bygrave, 17, was last month expelled from Sacred Heart College after getting a tattoo of American rap musician Tupac Shakur on his arm as a Christmas present from his mother Cindy.

The school\’s principal has said the tattoo was \“highly inappropriate\” and the family should have contacted the school before it was done.

Since their story featured in last week\’s Sunday Star-Times, Zavier\’s grandfather Richard Maddix said he had received about 60 calls from journalists and supporters. Several lawyers wanted to assist the family, free of charge, because they felt the situation was unjust.

The family will make contact with the Education Ministry this week over concerns at the school\’s actions. They feel they are fighting a losing battle getting Zavier back into the school, but instead now want to stop another boy being expelled for the same reason in the future.

Maddix knows up to 20 other boys at the school who have tattoos, including one who has a marijuana leaf inked on a leg and another who has a non-religious tattoo over his back, and was concerned their education could be in jeapordy.

\“We don\’t expect to win this case, but we expect to stop the double standards,\” said Maddix.

Maddix said a newspaper had wrongly reported on Monday that Zavier was enrolled at a polytechnic. This was not the case and the earliest the family could try and enrol him in the plumbing course he is interested in is July. In the meantime Zavier is working for his grandfather.

\“He could miss out on getting in (the course). That\’s why he wanted to be at school this year – to get the extra marks to make sure he could get into a course,\” said Maddix.

The black-and-white tattoo shows Shakur standing with his hands by his side, looking over his shoulder, and wearing boxer shorts and low-riding jeans. It runs from Zavier\’s left elbow to his wrist.


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