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Posted by watchingcyfswatchnewzealand on March 4, 2007

As posted on CYFSWATCH NZ

Saturday, March 3, 2007 pm31 9:42 PM in CYFSWATCH Media

This is a protest being organised by and involves EVERYONE that supports this blog doing their bit.

Some of us know that the media won’t get involved in our stories because of the secrecy the Family Court works under; because the risk is there that they could be subject to legal action if any of the strict rules are broken. Some of us also know that Journalists are scared of being subject to a revenge attack by CYFS and or the MSD, as has been the case in the past.

If the journalist reports on, say, my story, and CYFS and the MSD (or the Family Court for that matter) declines to comment, citing among other excuses, privacy issues, then they are open to being made the subject of a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority because the story “was one sided” and “unfair” and “unbalanced”.

CYFS can decline to comment and claim later that they were never approached for comment, or even so, they can say that the story should never have gone ahead because it was abiding by the privacy laws which meant it couldn’t air its side of the story.

That’s the reason why most working in the media will not publish a story which has made CYFSWATCH famous because it dared to do what the mainstream media didn’t have the balls to do. The reaction this blog got from Comrade Peter Hughes is proof of that. They don’t want the dirty laundry aired in public.

If the media prints the stories featured on this blog then the Politicians cannot ignore them. Never again will Sue “the victim” Bradford ignore our cries for help but listen to social workers wanting this blog closed down because they are afraid of being named and shamed. They should know that if they are GOOD social workers, then they have nothing to be afraid of.


Starting today, right now, and till the end of next month, phone your local newspaper and demand they show balls and print your stories. Demand they tell the world how CYFS destroyed your family; tell them how they lied in court. Tell them EVERTHING! Phone talkback shows, and tell them! I’m sure M/s Kerre Woodham will love you to call her. Email the TV news departments at TV1, TV3, PRIME and even MAORI TV. Email the current affairs shows, Sunday, 20-20 and 60 minutes. If you want justice, then damnit, contact the lot. If one person Emails 20-20 for example, noting will happen, but if 20 people did then maybe they will run a feature story on the total CYFS culture with 20 stories, all similar, of what the social workers do.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, make personal comments about the social workers, it will get you nowhere, stick to the facts, and tell your story. Journalists will not publish anything where you are abusing crap out of the social workers. DO, however, tell them you are angry and hurt. Tell them how it’s affected your family.

If they decline to publish, then you can accuse them of being afraid of the MSD and CYFS. Tell us here, and on  that you were turned away, and lets start naming and shaming the journalists.

To the journalists (yes, I know you read this blog) its time to stand up and be counted. Show us you have the balls to report the truth, its time to earn your keep, its time to report on a massive injustice similar to Australia’s stolen generation. It’s ironic to see that even then, reporters in Australia who knew what was going on didn’t say a word, and look at how that shamed Australia.


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